Teachers Matter: Feelings of School Connectedness and Positive Youth Development among Coös County Youth



  • Students who feel positively about their education, have a sense of belonging in school, and maintain good relationships with students and staff generally feel connected to their schools. In fact, 63 percent of Coös youth report feeling this way. It is one of the most important factors in promoting socio-emotional well-being and positive youth development, according to authors Nena Stracuzzi and Meghan Mills. Their research, using surveys of Coös students, shows that students who feel more connected to their schools usually get better grades, have higher self-esteem, use fewer substances, and engage in aggressive behaviors less frequently. Their latest brief also shows that Coös County students who feel their teachers are supportive of them are often more connected to their schools.
  • Authors

  • Stracuzzi, Nena
  • Mills, Meghan
  • Publication Date

  • November 10, 2010