Hybrid Organizations as Bridges at the Public Science – Private Industry Interface

Conference Paper


  • We are interested in novel solutions to addressing the “valley of death” phenomenon in technology commercialization - where innovations become stranded between public funding focused on basic science and private funding focused on market-ready opportunities. In this study, we draw on recent research in organizational design and "hybrid" organizations to propose a novel model for bridging the “logics” that commonly come into conflict as an innovation moves from lab to market. The result of our model is a technology commercialization process based on university-hybrid-firm triads that both helps explain puzzling findings from past research and generates empirically testable propositions that will contribute to the growth of this important area of research.
  • Authors

  • Earle, Andrew
  • Leyva de la Hiz, Dante
  • Turell, Yusi
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    Presented At Event