Dietary Patterns that Value People and the Planet



  • Nourishing food and water are essential for human survival, as are the people who labor in the food system and the planetary ecosystems that underpin foraging, farming, and fishing. Our countries share one planet, woven together by inextricably linked natural and social systems. Global demand for food and water are increasing, while ecosystem decline, poverty, food insecurity, socio-political injustice and racial inequities persist. Meeting food needs exerts tremendous pressure on planetary systems, yet fragmented social, political, economic, and environmental policies continue to threaten food system integrity and sustainability. Global food systems that reflect dietary patterns designed to promote food and water equity while respecting planetary limits, will require embracing values-informed, place based policies and practices. Food system transformation represents an under-utilized but very tangible avenue through which human and planetary well-being can be simultaneously re-envisioned and redirected towards a more health promoting, sustainable, equitable and resilient future.
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  • sustainable food systems, planetary health, dietary patterns, systems thinking, equity, race, food security, values, poverty, nutrition
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