The Crysophere and Hydrology



  • Arctic Climate Impact Assessment was prepared by an international team of over 300 scientists, experts, and knowledgeable members of indigenous communities, and is the most comprehensive volume on Arctic climate change available.
  • Authors

  • Shiklomanov, Alexander
  • Walsh J. Anisimov O. Hagen J.O. Jakobsson T. Oerelemans J. Prowse T. Romanovsky V. Savelieva N. Serreze M. Shiklomanov A. Shiklomanov I. and Solomon S
  • Publication Date

  • November 7, 2005
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  • Science
  • International Standard Book Number (isbn) 10

  • 0521865093
  • International Standard Book Number (isbn) 13

  • 9780521865098