A new mixed-metal Mn-Rh coordination polymer assembled from Mn-containing molecular building blocks and Rh-2(OAc)(4) dimers

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  • The manganese-containing molecular building block Mn(2-methylpyrazine-5-carboxylato)2·(H2O)2 (1, triclinic, P-1, a=7.2042(6) Å, b=7.4067(6) Å, c=13.9982(12) Å, α=87.205(2)°, β=81.162(2)°, γ=80.517(2)°, Z=2) was prepared and used in the synthesis of a new mixed-metal organic-inorganic polymeric material. The reaction between 1 and Rh2(OAc)4 resulted in the formation of catena-poly[Mn(MePyzca)2(MeOH)2][Rh2(OAc)4]·2MeOH (2, monoclinic, C2/c, a=29.711(3) Å, b=7.9124(8) Å, c=15.5028(15) Å, β=109.212(2)°, Z=4), where the Mn(MePyzca)2(MeOH)2 building blocks are linked by Rh2(OAc)4 dimers into a one-dimensional zigzag chain structure. The magnetic susceptibility for 2 follows the Curie law, with no indication of long range magnetic order. Synthesis, X-ray structure determination and magnetic properties are presented.
  • Authors

  • Chapman, Craig
  • Ciurtin, DM
  • Smith, MD
  • zur Loye, HC
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  • September 2002
  • Keywords

  • metal containing building block
  • mixed-metal coordination polymer
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