Techniques for Teaching Law 2



  • Designed for law teachers who want to improve their teaching and students' learning, this book offers general teaching principles and dozens of concrete ideas. The first two chapters present foundational principles of learning and instruction as well as insights from students. The next 12 chapters address classroom dynamics, technology, questioning, discussion, collaborative learning, experiential learning, feedback, assessment, and continued development for teachers. Each of these 12 chapters introduces the topic based on educational research and then offers classroom-tested exercises, approaches, material, and methods contributed by veteran teachers.
  • Authors

  • Hess, Gerald F
  • Friedland, Stephen I
  • Schwartz, Michael Hunter
  • Sparrow, Sophie
  • Publication Date

  • 2011
  • Keywords

  • classroom dynamics
  • collaborative learning
  • experiential learning
  • improvement
  • law teachers
  • student learning
  • International Standard Book Number (isbn) 13

  • 978-1-59460-750-9