Electron crescent distributions as a manifestation of diamagnetic drift in an electron scale current sheet

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  • We report Magnetospheric Multiscale observations of electron pressure gradient electric fields near a magnetic reconnection diffusion region using a new technique for extracting 7.5 ms electron moments from the Fast Plasma Investigation. We find that the deviation of the perpendicular electron bulk velocity from $E \times B$ drift in the interval where the out-of-plane current density is increasing can be explained by the diamagnetic drift. In the interval where the out-of-plane current is transitioning to in-plane current, the electron momentum equation is not satisfied at 7.5 ms resolution.
  • Authors

  • Rager, AC
  • Dorelli, JC
  • Gershman, DJ
  • Uritsky, V
  • Avanov, LA
  • Torbert, Roy
  • Burch, JL
  • Ergun, RE
  • Egedal, J
  • Schiff, C
  • Shuster, JR
  • Giles, BL
  • Paterson, WR
  • Pollock, CJ
  • Strangeway, RJ
  • Russell, CT
  • Lavraud, B
  • Coffey, VN
  • Saito, Y
  • Keywords

  • physics.space-ph