Structural characterization of the major extrapallial fluid protein of the mollusc Mytilus edulis: implications for function.

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  • The major protein component of the extrapallial fluid of the mollusc Mytilus edulis has been previously isolated and partially characterized. It was postulated to play a role in shell mineralization because of its intriguing property of Ca(2+)-binding-induced self-assembling. However, it also binds other divalent ions, including Cd(2+), Cu(2+), Mn(2+), and Mg(2+). Herein is the initial report on the characterization of the primary structure of the extrapallial (EP) protein by RT-PCR and cDNA sequencing methods and by de novo peptide sequencing with mass spectrometry. The EP protein is comprised of 213 amino acids postcleavage of a signal peptide of 23 amino acids. The protein is rich in His, Glu, and Asp residues. The site of N-glycosylation, "NHTE", at amino acid positions 54-57 and the intramolecular disulfide bond between Cys 139 and Cys 171 of the protein have been characterized also. Sequence comparisons reveal that the EP protein possesses little homology to any presently known matrix proteins previously isolated from mollusc shells but rather it highly resembles a heavy metal binding protein and a histidine-rich glycoprotein, both from the hemolymph of M. edulis. The predicted domain profile and amino acid composition suggest that its N-terminus may be involved in calcium binding. The abundance of histidine residues of the protein may account for its heavy metal binding properties. Thus, the EP protein perhaps has multiple functions, serving as a Ca(2+)-transport protein, a shell matrix protein, and a heavy metal detoxification protein.
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  • Yin, Yan
  • Huang, Jing
  • Paine, Michael L
  • Reinhold, Vernon
  • Chasteen, N Dennis
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  • August 9, 2005
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  • Biochemistry  Journal
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