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  • Peter Lane is a former entrepreneur who researches and teaches strategy, change management, and international business. An award-winning MBA teacher, Peter also works with managers and leaders in non-profits, government agencies, family businesses, and Fortune Global 500 corporations through executive education and strategic process facilitation.

    The 27 academic articles and book chapters that Peter has published have been cited by other scholars over 22,000 times, making him one of the most highly cited strategy researchers over the past 25 years. He served on the editorial boards of Organization Science, Journal of International Business Studies, and Journal of Management, and has held elected leadership positions in the Academy of Management and Strategic Management Society.

    Peter has served Paul College as Associate Dean for Faculty & Graduate Programs, Hospitality Management Department Chair, Management Department Chair, Marketing Department Chair, Co-Director of MS Management of Technology Programs (NH & Korea), and Family Business Center Interim Director. He currently serves as the Faculty Director of the Physicians Leadership Program which Paul College runs in partnership with the NH Medical Society.

    Peter has a BA in History from the University of New Hampshire, an MBA from UMass Amherst, and a PhD from the University of Connecticut. Between his BA and MBA, he co-founded, grew, and sold a wine importing & wholesaling company, served as New England regional sales manager of a fine wine importing company, and led the turnaround of a large high-end restaurant and function operation.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title
    2007 A search theoretic model of productivity, science and innovationR and D Management.  37:303-317. 2007
    2007 An embeddedness framing of governance and opportunism: towards a cross-nationally accommodating theory of agencyJournal of Organizational Behavior.  28:43-58. 2007
    2007 Responding to technological maturity: A socio-cognitive model of science and innovation in technological communitiesThe Journal of High Technology Management Research.  18:1-14. 2007
    2006 CEO incentives, innovation, and performance in technology-intensive firms: A reconciliation of outcome and behavior-based incentive schemesStrategic Management Journal.  27:1057-1080. 2006
    2006 The reification of absorptive capacity: A critical review and rejuvenation of the constructAcademy of Management Review.  31:833-863. 2006
    2005 Origins of corporate governance in the USA, Sweden and FranceOrganization Studies.  26:867-888. 2005
    2005 Science intelligence capability and innovation performance: an absorptive capacity perspectiveInternational Journal of Technology Intelligence and Planning.  1:185-185. 2005
    2004 A model of cultural differences and international alliance performanceJournal of International Business Studies.  35:306-319. 2004
    2003 Emerging Issues in Corporate EntrepreneurshipJournal of Management.  29:351-378. 2003
    2001 Absorptive capacity, learning, and performance in international joint venturesStrategic Management Journal.  22:1139-1161. 2001
    2001 Learning together and apart: A model of reciprocal interfirm learningHuman Relations.  54:1353-1382. 2001
    2000 Strategizing throughout the Organization: Managing Role Conflict in Strategic RenewalAcademy of Management Review.  25:154-154. 2000
    1999 Ownership structure and corporate strategy: one question viewed from two different worldsStrategic Management Journal.  20:1077-1086. 1999
    1998 Agency problems as antecedents to unrelated mergers and diversification: Amihud and Lev reconsideredStrategic Management Journal.  19:555-578. 1998
    1998 Relative absorptive capacity and interorganizational learningStrategic Management Journal.  19:461-477. 1998
    1996 Psst…The merger mavens still have it wrong!The Academy of Management Perspectives.  10:21-37. 1996


    Year Title
    2006 Resource Needs, Relational Advantages and New Product Development Project Outdomes: A Study of Austrian Manufacturers 2006
    2004 A Knowledge-based Approach to Predicting Innovatin Outcomes of High-technology Mergers and Acquisitions 2004
    2004 Science Relatedness, Technology Relatedness and Collaborative Innovation 2004
    2003 Meso-logic: reconciling a firm's macro and micro strategic mental models it improve performance 2003


    Year Title
    2010 Facilitating Strategic Renewal by Managing Strategic Role Conflict.  449-459. 2010
    2005 Homesteading on the Endless Frontier: Mapping Science to Cultivate Innovation.  17-22. 2005
    2001 A Strategic Management Model of Agency Relationships in Firm Governance.  229-258. 2001
    1998 Relative Absorptive Capacity, Trust, and Learning in International Joint Ventures.  373-397. 1998

    Conference Paper

    Year Title
    Implications of AI for Absorptive Capacity

    Teaching Activities

  • Org Changemaker Skills Taught course
  • Org Changemaker Skills Taught course
  • Strategic Management Taught course
  • Strategic Management Taught course 2023
  • Strategic Management Taught course 2022
  • Creating Winning Strategies Taught course 2022
  • Managing Growth and Innovation Taught course 2022
  • Corporate Consulting Project I Taught course 2021
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  • Corporate Consulting Projct II Taught course 2015
  • Corporate Consulting Projct II Taught course 2014
  • Corporate Consulting Project I Taught course 2014
  • Education And Training

  • B.A. History Teacher Education, University of New Hampshire
  • M.B.A. Business Admin.&Managemt, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • Ph.D. Business Admin.&Managemt, University of Connecticut
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  • Peter Lane
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  • Paul College of Business & Economics


    10 Garrison Ave

    Durham, NH  03824

    United States