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  • My research interests focus primarily on moods, emotions, teams, and leadership. My ongoing research on moods and emotions focuses on emotional regulation, shedding light on the subtle choices individuals make in managing their emotions during professional encounters. In the realm of teams and leadership, I examine the nuanced responses of leaders to dysfunctional team behaviors, such as intragroup conflicts. Equally, I've delved into how teams counter ineffectual leadership. Lately, I've embarked on an exploration of unconventional means by which individuals navigate work-related stress such as the potency of faith-based beliefs, the therapeutic nature of humor, and the subtle art of navigating tedious relationships.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title
    2024 A noisy theory of asking for help that explains why many feel underwhelmed with the help they receiveOrganizational Psychology Review.  14:89-105. 2024
    2024 Distances and directions: An emotional journey into the recovery process.Journal of Applied Psychology.  109:115-134. 2024
    2020 Origins and Destinations, Distances and Directions: Accounting for the Journey in the Emotion Regulation ProcessAcademy of Management Review.  45:423-446. 2020
    2018 Centralization of member voice in teams: Its effects on expertise utilization and team performance.Journal of Applied Psychology.  103:813-827. 2018

    Conference Paper

    Year Title
    2022 Bringing to Light What’s Been Cast to the Shadows: Marginalized Relationships and Narratives at WorkAcademy of Management Proceedings. 2022
    A Model of Unrequited Love at Work.
    Accent based biases in recruitment decisions.
    Centralization of Member Voice in Teams: Its Effects on Expertise Utilization and Team Performance.
    Conflict Transformation in Teams.
    Effectiveness of Promotive Voice within Teams is Contingent on the Pattern of Voicing and the Attributes of the Voicer.
    Effects of alcohol usage and sleep on emotional labor spillover.
    Foreign Accent Bias in Hiring Evaluations.
    Intragroup Conflict Transformation: How Task Conflicts Transform into Unproductive Conflicts.
    When Does Hierarchy Win? Divergent Effects of Power and Status Differentiation on Coordination and Performance.
    When Sharing is not Caring: The Effects of Shared Leadership on Individual Effort.
    You Think You Can, But You Can’t: A Depletion Perspective on Situation Dependent Leader Behaviors

    Teaching Activities

  • Behavior in Organizations Taught course 2023
  • Behavior in Organizations Taught course 2023
  • Behavior in Organizations Taught course 2023
  • Education And Training

  • B.A., Saint Xavier College
  • Ph.D. Organizational Behavior, Michigan State University
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  • Nikhil Awasty