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  • I was educated as an electrical engineer (B.S in Zurich), with a MBA in international business and a Ph.D in Economics (from UC Berkeley). My interests have evolved from electrical engineering to operations research, to international business and political economy, and to economic development in the Third World.

    My current research is on international commodity chains as an alternative way to understand international economics and who gains from trade. I have presented papers at academic conferences in Brazil, Britain and the United States. I work with the School of the Americas at the University City of London (UCL).

    I often work with my students in joint research projects. A chapter in a forthcoming book by Routledge on consumption is with two undergraduate students in Economics and examines critically how the American family is represented in magazine advertisements during the 1920s and 1930s.

    I also have a keen interest in Economic history and more recently, international immigration (in which I am reaching a new course this semester on International Immigration Then and Now). I have developed courses in both these fields and have on-going research projects in them. I am also beginning to write a book on the socio-economic history of a fascinating small Baroque city located in southeastern Sicily.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title
    2015 Nineteenth-Century Bahia's Passion for British Salted Cod: From the Seas of Newfoundland to the Portuguese Shops of Salvador's Cidade Baixa, 1822-1914Commodity Histories2015
    2015 Shoes of our ancestors in Bahia. The Companhia de Calcados Trocadeiro (1879-1923)Bahia com Historia2015
    2014 A paixao da Bahia pelo bacalhau salgado inglesa: dos mares de Terra Nova as lojas portuguesas da Cidade Baixa de Salvador, 1822-1914 [Bahia’s Passion for British Salted-Cod: From the Seas of Newfoundland to the Portuguese Shops of Salvador’s Cidade Baixa, 1822-1914]Revista do Instituto Geografico e Historico da Bahia2014
    2013 The Black Diamonds of Bahia (Carbonados) and the Building of Euro-America: A Half-century Supply Monopoly (1880s-1930s)Commodity Histories2013
    2012 Ice in the Tropics: the Export of ‘Crystal Blocks of Yankee Coldness’ to India and BrazilRevista Espaco Academico2012
    2012 Rest & Recreation Class and General PetraeusFrontline: India’s National Magazine2012
    2012 The Obama/Pentagon War Narrative, the Real War and Where Afghan Civilian Deaths Do MatterRevista Paz y Conflictos2012
    2011 Analyza: Towards an Understanding of the Twenty-year Afghan war (1999-2009) and America’s unipolar momentEuro-Atlantic Quarterly2011
    2011 Eid Gul fue solo uno de los 69 afganos asesinados por las fuerzas de Estados Unidas y la OTAN durante diciembre de 2010Rebelion.org2011
    2010 Afghanistan: Wealth, Corruption and Criminality amidst Poverty: The Collapse of Public Health and SanitationGlobal Research2010
    2010 An Excess of Corruption and a Deficit of Toilets: American and Karzai’s Successes in AfghanistanRevista Espaco Academico2010
    2010 Bush, Obama and the Corporate Media: Eight Years of Immaculate Deception about America’s Afghan WarRAWA News2010
    2010 Datos y leccioes para la UNAMA y sus fans. Un mes de funcionamento de la maquina de matar de Obama en AfganistanRebelion.org2010
    2010 Espectaculos tecnologios. El pais que producia raciones de ‘combate-listas-para-comer’ se dedica ahora a prover de aviones afganos no tripulados y kits de ‘gobierno-listos-para-mandar’Rebelion.org2010
    2010 La invasion/ocupacion estadounidense de Afganistan y el nascimento de un movimento de liberacion nacionalRebelion.org2010
    2010 Las mentiras del discurso belico de Obama y el Pentagon simulando compassion por los muertos de los civilizes afganosRebelion.org2010
    2010 Media Disinformation Regarding America’s Afghan WarGlobal Research2010
    2010 Obama/Pentagon Lies to Set the War Narrative and Where Afghan Civilian Deaths Do MatterRAWA News2010
    2010 One Month of the Obama Killing Machine in Afghanistan: Data and a Lesson for the UNAMA and its GroupiesRAWA News2010
    2010 Pentagon Lies and Afghan Civilian Deaths: The Unspoken TruthGlobal Research2010
    2010 Respuestas de la derecha libertarian y de los liberales de Obama ante las cifras de McChrystal: La politica de recento de los muertos civiles afganosRebelion.org2010
    2010 Technology Spectacles Mask WeaknessesFrontline: India’s National Magazine2010
    2010 Technology Spectacles: the Country that Produced MRE’s now gives Afghans Drones and GRR (Government Ready-to-Rule) KitsRAWA News2010
    2010 The American Occupation of Afghanistan and the Birth of a National Liberation MovementGlobal Research2010
    2010 The Obama Killing Machine in Afghanistan The ‘under-reporting’ of civilian killed by foreign forcesGlobal Research2010
    2010 The Pentagon’s Fantasy Numbers on Afghan Civilian DeathsGlobal Research2010
    2010 The Politics of Counting Dead Afghan CiviliansRAWA News2010
    2010 Towards America’s Troop-less Future U.S Wars will involve Massive Use of DronesGlobal Research2010
    2009 Afghan Tragedy, Obama’s Afghan War the U.S. Media, and the United Nations: the new metric of civilian casualtiesFrontline: India’s National Magazine2009
    2009 Der Schmutzige Krieg Geht Weiter: US-Ensatz in AfghanistanJunge Freiheit: Wochenzeitung fur Politik und Kultur2009
    2009 El contrapeso tacito de Obama en Afganistan. Muertos de soldados ocpantes estadounidenses y el OTAN a cambio de muertes de civiles afganos?Rebelion.org2009
    2009 Enero de 2009 resulto mas letal para los civilizes afganos con Obama que con Bush ‘Cambio’: Una palabre que los afganos deberian considerer con escepticismoRebelion.org2009
    2009 How Many Dead Non-White Civilians Does It Take for the U.S to Notice? Putting the Kunduz Massacre in ContextRAWA News2009
    2009 Killing the Innocents to Save ‘Our Troops’: Eight Years of Horror Perpetrated upon Afghan Civilians by the American Military and its Megaphone, the Corporate MediaRAWA News2009
    2009 Kunduz MassacreFrontline: India’s National Magazine2009
    2009 La Guerra afgana de Estados Unidos El munder realn frente a la imaginaria commercializada de ObamaRebelion.org2009
    2009 La masacre perpetrada en Bala Baluk ‘ Camiones de cadaversRebelion.org2009
    2009 Los que nos incomodan tantoRebelion.org2009
    2009 Nueva Metrica de victimas civiles: La Guerra afgana de Obama, los medios estadounidenses y las Naciones UnidasRebelion.org2009
    2009 Obama More Deadly for Afghan Civilians than Bush (in Jan 2009): ‘Change’ Afghans Should Look upon with SkepticismRAWA News2009
    2009 Obama’s Afghan War: The New Metric of Civilian CasualtiesGlobal Research2009
    2009 Obama’s First 100 Days: The Afghan War is Becoming America’s WarGlobal Research2009
    2009 Obama’s Unspoken Trade-OffFrontline: India’s National Magazine2009
    2009 Obama’s Unspoken Trade-Off: Dead US/NATO Occupation Troops versus Dead Afghan Civilians?Global Research2009
    2009 Ocho anos de horror perpetrados contra civiles afganos por los militares de EE.UU y su megafono, los medios corporativos: Matando inocentes para salvar ‘nuestras tropas’Rebelion.org2009
    2009 Quien esta terrorizaando a quien en Afganistan?Rebelion.org2009
    2009 Terror, U.S. StyleFrontline: India’s National Magazine2009
    2009 The Import of European Sugar Machinery to Offset the Sugar Crisis in Bahia, 1875-1914Revista de Ciencias Adminisitrativas2009
    2009 Uncomfortable Others: Afghan Civilians Wounded by AmericaRAWA News2009
    2008 Afghan Civilians Killed by U.S/NATO Actions since 2006 The Matrix of Death: (Im)Precision of U.S Bombing and the (Under)Valuation of an Afghan LifeGlobal Research2008
    2008 Afghanistan: A Socio-Economically Irrelevant Space to be Kept “Empty” through Least-Cost Military MeansRAWA News2008
    2008 Afghanistan: A Socio-Economically Irrelevant Space to be kept “Empty” through Least-Cost Military MeansEconomics Scholarship2008
    2008 An ‘Empty’ BufferFrontline: India’s National Magazine2008
    2008 Barack Obama and AfghanistanCounterpunch2008
    2008 German Bomber Pilot Willi Schludecker says: ‘I’m sorry,’ but the word sorry doesn’t exist for American bomber pilots (yet their bombs are far more deadly)RAWA News2008
    2008 In Memory of 91 Innocent Afghans Massacred by US Troops in AzizabadRebelion.org2008
    2008 La complicidad de Human Rights Watch con la Guerra de AfganistanRebelion.org2008
    2008 Nuevo dossier sobre la (im)precisión de los bombardeos estadounidenses y el (menos) precio por una vida afgana La matriz de la muerteGlobal Research2008
    2008 Obama, mas de lo mismo en AfganistanRebelion.org2008
    2008 Reality from the Carrier Flight Deck, the Pentagon and Afghanistan’s Ground Zero: a Day in October 2001Uruknet.com2008
    2008 The Massacre at Aranas on the Waygal River, Nuristan ProvinceRAWA News2008
    2008 The Massacre at Yaka ChinaUruknet.com2008
    2008 The Massacre in Shagay, Bakwa district of Farah ProvinceRAWA News2008
    2008 The Massacre in the Do-ab district, NuristanRAWA News2008
    2008 Understanding Barack ObamaFrontline: India’s National Magazine2008
    2007 Die Bevolkerung im Visier. Militareinstaz in Afghanistan und im Irak: Pro Gefallenem US-Soldaten 17 bis 19 Unschuldige Zivile OpferJunge Freiheit2007
    2007 Effektiver als andere Taktiken der TalibanJunge Freiheit2007
    2007 El Bombardeo tuvo Buenos ResultadosRebelion.org2007
    2007 Intervenció de Marc Herold: "Afganistán como un espacio vacioAturemlaguerra.org2007
    2007 Most Recent Incident Where U.S. Military Killed Civilians in AfghanistanUruknet.com2007
    2007 Newspeak of the AP Reporting on Afghanistan and its Silence about 1,000 Afghan Civilians Killed by the US/NATO so far in 2007RAWA News2007
    2007 Por primera vez se recopilan las muertas producidas por EE UU y la OTAN y se hace un memorial de victimas (entrevista con el Professor Marc Herold)Rebelion.org2007
    2007 Relative LethalityFrontline: India’s National Magazine2007
    2007 ‘Bomber McNeill’ Reveals the ‘Cheapness’ of Afghan Lives: the Massacre in Haydarabad, HelmandUruknet.com2007
    2006 A Rain of BombsFrontline: India’s National Magazine2006
    2006 Grab News Headlines, Isolate Bombed Area and Stonewall U.S. Military’s Virtual Reality about Afghan Civilian Casualties: A Case Study of the U.S. Assault upon HajiyanEconomics Scholarship2006
    2006 Kabul, se la Nato trucca le carteEconomics Scholarship2006
    2006 Suicide car bombs vs. ‘Precision’ bombs’Frontline: India’s National Magazine2006
    2006 Targeting ‘Al Qaeda’Frontline: India’s National Magazine2006
    2004 An Island Named Kabul. Trickle-Up Economics and Westernization in Karzai’s AfghanistanRebelion.org2004
    2004 Conflict in Afghanistan is here-to-Stay: The Taliban’s Second ComingEconomics Scholarship2004
    2004 Identical Effects of U.S. ‘Precision’ Bombing: Then and Now (Afghanistan and Iraq)Economics Scholarship2004
    2004 War as Peace in Afghanistan and Other Spectacles: One Year after Rumsfeld’s May Day, 2003 DeclarationEconomics Scholarship2004
    2003 Another century of war?Political Science.  55:67-69. 2003
    2003 A 'Killing Failure'. 25 Months of Immiserating Revenge - an Afghan Balance SheetEconomics Scholarship2003
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    2003 The Evil, the Grotesque and U.S. Official Lies: When U.S. 'Precision' Bombing Really Is Not SoFrontline: India’s National Magazine2003
    2003 To Remember Haziza’s Family, Bashir’s Family, Jamila’s Family, and Hundreds of Other Afghan FamiliesRAWA News2003
    2003 Uranium Wars: The Pentagon Steps Up Its Use of Radioactive MunitionsEnvironmentalists Against War2003
    2003 When Precision Bombing Isn’tEconomics Scholarship2003
    2002 US bombing and Afghan civilian deaths: The official neglect of 'unworthy' bodiesInternational Journal of Urban and Regional Research.  26:626-+. 2002
    2002 Afghanistan War and Children. Rubble Rousers: U.S Bombing and the Afghan Refugee CrisisJournal of History2002
    2002 Bomb DeadThe Guardian2002
    2002 Bombardamenti in Afghanistan. Le vittime civiliAltrEconomia2002
    2002 Collateral Damage’? Civilians and the U.S Air War in AfghanistanSicherheit und Frieden (S+F) / Security and Peace2002
    2002 The Human Cost of WarFrontline: India’s National Magazine2002
    2002 US Special Forces in Afghanistan: Vietnam ReduxDissident Voice2002
    2001 The Innocent Dead in a Coward’s WarThe Guardian2001
    1987 Una nueva division internacional del trabajo en la cuenca del Caribe?Lecturas de Economia1987
    1983 Direct Investment by U.S. Reaches $4.4 Billion in the Caribbean BasinInternational Herald Tribune1983
    1983 Finanzkapital in El Salvador, 1900-1980Economic Forum1983
    1971 They Took the Copper and Left Us the HolesNACLA Newsletter1971
    1971 U.S. Investments in ChileNACLA Newsletter1971
    A paixao da Bahia pelo bacalhau salgado inglesa: dos mares de Terra Nova as lojas portuguesas da Cidade Baixa de Salvador, 1822-1914
    How Switzerland Succeeded in Taming COVIDDollars&Sense
    Os Sapatos de Nossos Ancestrais na Bahia Companhia de Calcados Trocadero (1879-1923)
    The Sinews of Late-Nineteenth-Century Globalization: Water, Iron, Copper and Bodies in Belle Epoque Manaus, 1880-1912Revista Espaco Academico (REA)


    Year Title
    2016 Global Political Economy, War and Women 2016
    2015 Value Distribution in the Modern Cocaine Chain and the Environmental Effects 2015
    2014 Value Distribution in the Modern Cocaine Commodity Chain (Colombia – U.S.) 2014
    2014 Value Distribution in the Modern Cocaine Commodity Chain (Colombia – U.S.) 2014


    Year Title
    2007 Afganistan Como un Espacio Vacio. El Perfecto Estado Colonial del Siglo XXI 2007
    1971 Yanqui Dollar: The Contribution of U.S. Private Investment to the Underdevelopment of Latin America 1971


    Year Title
    2010 Tratando de Comprender los Veinte Anos de Guerra en Afganistan (1898-2009) y El ‘Momento Unipolar’de Estados Unidos 2010
    2009 ’Unworthy’ Afghan Bodies: ‘Smarter’ U.S. Weapons Kill More Innocents 2009
    2008 Our Modern Military Warfare Only Kills the ‘Bad Guys’ 2008
    2004 Urban Dimensions' of the Punishment of Afghanistan by U.S. Bombs 2004
    2003 The Human Cost of War 2003
    2002 Collateral Damage'?: Civilians and the U.S Air War in Afghanistan 2002
    2002 Truth about Afghan Civilian Casualties Comes Only through American Lenses for the U.S. Corporate Media [our modern-day Didymus] 2002
    1990 World Economy as Manifestation of Internationalization and Nationalization: The Contribution of Nikolai Bukharin 1990
    1988 Inversiones y Desinversiones Mundiales de las Companias Transnascionales Estadunidenses: Implicaciones para el Caribe y Centroamerica 1988
    1987 Development in a Peripheral Socialist Economy - Grenada, 1979-83 1987
    1986 A New International Division of Labor in the Caribbean Basin: The Reification of a Phantom 1986
    1984 The U.S. Economic Stake in Central America and the Caribbean 1984
    1981 Theorizing the Inconsequential: A Critique of the New International Division of Labor Thesis 1981
    1980 Appendix: Multinational Investments in Latin America 1980
    1979 Internationalization of U.S. Capital: Data for the Case of Mexico 1979
    1972 The Story of Copper and Imperialism 1972
    "Reflection or Maker? Ads and the Middle-Class American Family, 1920-1940"

    Conference Paper

    Year Title
    Invited Keynote speaker
    Salvador da Bahia: a growing, peculiarly flammable city of the nineteenth century
    Value Distribution in the Modern Cocaine Commodity Chain (Colombia – U.S)
    Value Distribution in the modern cocaine commodity chain and the environmental effects

    Other Research Activities

    Teaching Activities

  • Ind Stdy/Macroecono Consulting Taught course 2021
  • Economic History of the US Taught course 2021
  • Principles of Economics Macro Taught course 2021
  • Principles of Economics Macro Taught course 2020
  • Topics in Econ/Consumption Taught course 2020
  • Economic History of the US Taught course 2020
  • Principles of Economics Macro Taught course 2020
  • Economic Development Taught course 2019
  • Principles of Economics Macro Taught course 2019
  • Principles of Economics Macro Taught course 2019
  • Top/Economics of Immigration Taught course 2019
  • Principles of Economics Macro Taught course 2018
  • Topics/Consumption Taught course 2018
  • Economic History of the US Taught course 2018
  • Principles of Economics Macro Taught course 2018
  • Economic Development Taught course 2017
  • Principles of Economics Macro Taught course 2017
  • Making Mass Consumer Society Taught course 2017
  • Principles of Economics Macro Taught course 2017
  • Economic History of the US Taught course 2016
  • Principles Econ Macro Intl Taught course 2016
  • Economic Development Taught course 2016
  • Principles of Economics Macro Taught course 2016
  • Principles Econ Macro Intl Taught course 2015
  • Principles of Economics Macro Taught course 2015
  • Economic Development Taught course 2014
  • Principles Econ Macro Intl Taught course 2014
  • Principles of Economics Macro Taught course 2014
  • Top/Economic Devel.of Brazil Taught course 2014
  • Education And Training

  • M.B.A. Business Administration, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
  • M.B.A. International Economics, University of California - Berkeley
  • M.Sc. Electrical&Electronic Eng. Tec, University of Zurich
  • Ph.D. Economics, University of California - Berkeley
  • Full Name

  • Marc Herold