Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title
2023 Sensitivity analysis of the DehumReq model to evaluate the impact of predominant factors on dehumidification requirement of greenhouses in cold regionsInformation Processing in Agriculture.  10:216-228. 2023
2023 Experimental investigation of a novel evaporative cooling pad made of cement-free porous concreteBuilding and Environment.  228:109867-109867. 2023
2022 Prospects of porous concrete as a plant-growing medium and structural component for green roofs: a reviewRenewable Agriculture and Food Systems.  37:536-549. 2022
2022 A study on heat and mass transfer through vegetated porous concrete for environmental controlJournal of Cleaner Production.  366:132984-132984. 2022
2022 Experimental investigation of heat and moisture transfer with ventilation through porous concrete with embedded coils for air conditioningBuilding and Environment.  222:109370-109370. 2022
2022 Thermal performance analysis of a solar still with different absorber plates and external copper condenserGroundwater for Sustainable Development.  17:100763-100763. 2022
2021 Dehumidification requirement modelling and control strategy for greenhouses in cold regionsComputers and Electronics in Agriculture.  187:106264-106264. 2021
2021 Effects of design and operational parameters on the performance of a solar distillation system: A comprehensive reviewGroundwater for Sustainable Development.  14:100599-100599. 2021
2021 Combined influence of fin, phase change material, wick, and external condenser on the thermal performance of a double slope solar stillJournal of Cleaner Production.  287:125458-125458. 2021
2020 A Study on Aerosol Spray Characteristics of Different Size AtomizersAerosol Science and Engineering.  4:306-319. 2020
2018 Corrigendum to “Recirculating metallic particles for the efficiency enhancement of concentrated solar receivers” [Renew. Energy 96 (Part A) (October 2016) 850–862]Renewable Energy.  119:539-539. 2018
2017 Biofuel from Co-pyrolysis of Solid Tire Waste and Rice HuskEnergy Procedia.  110:453-458. 2017
2016 Recirculating metallic particles for the efficiency enhancement of concentrated solar receiversRenewable Energy.  96:850-862. 2016

Conference Paper

Year Title
2017 Numerical study of a downdraft gasifier to produce syngasAIP Conference Proceedings. 2017
2017 Pyrolysis kinetics study of three biomass solid wastes for thermochemical conversion into liquid fuelsAIP Conference Proceedings. 2017

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  • D Bioengineering, Mcgill University
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  • Md Sazan Rahman