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  • Luciana EchazĂș (Lu)is Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education and Associate Professor of Economics at Peter T. Paul College of Business & Economics at the University of New Hampshire, where she joined in August 2020. Her research interests are in the area of law and economics, with a specific focus on corruption and criminal behavior. She also conducts research in industrial organization, new trade theory and lately she has been working around risk and uncertainty. Prior to that, she was Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Operations at the David D. Reh School of Business, Clarkson University, where she was also Associate Professor of Economics and Financial Studies. Since becoming an associate dean in 2018, Lu has been an active volunteer for the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, also known as AACSB International. At AACSB she is well known for her work in the steering committees for Women Administrators in Management Education (WAME), and Responsible Management Education (RME). At Paul College, she is helping the community advance work on sustainability, in alignment with Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME), an initiative of the United Nations Global Compact, and of which Paul College is a signatory.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title
    2020 Willingness to pay for morbidity and mortality risk reductions during an epidemic. Theory and preliminary evidence from COVID-19.The Geneva Risk and Insurance Review.  45:114-133. 2020
    2019 Understanding risky behaviors during adolescence: A model of self-discovery through experimentationInternational Review of Law and Economics.  57:12-21. 2019
    2019 Environmental regulation and love for varietyReview of International Economics.  27:413-430. 2019
    2015 Charitable giving: Altruism has no limitsJournal of Public Economics.  25:46-53. 2015
    2012 A New Look into the Determinants of the Ecological Discount Rate: Disentangling Social PreferencesThe B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy.  12. 2012
    2012 Supply Chain Quality, Mandatory Insurance, and Recall RiskInternational Review of Business and Economics.  11:1-11. 2012
    2012 Why not adopt a Loser-pays-all rule in Criminal Litigation?International Review of Law and Economics.  32:233-241. 2012
    2010 Corruption and the Balance of Gender PowerReview of Law and Economics.  6. 2010
    2010 Corruption and the Distortion of Law Enforcement EffortAmerican Law and Economics Review.  12:162-180. 2010
    2009 Product differentiation, firm heterogeneity and international trade: Exploring the Alchian–Allen effectResearch in Economics.  63:95-101. 2009
    2008 Corruption, Centralization and the Informal SectorSouthern Economic Journal.  75:524-537. 2008
    2007 Corruption with Heterogeneous Enforcement Agents in the Shadow EconomyJournal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics.  163:285-285. 2007


    Year Title
    2010 Corruption, Liberalization, and the Shadow Economy when Law Enforcers are Heterogeneous.  252-268. 2010

    Teaching Activities

  • BiP:A/Adv Excel: Data Analysis Taught course
  • BiP:A/B Impact Clinic Taught course
  • BiP:A/BiP Guide Program Taught course
  • BiP:A/Climate Action Clinic Taught course
  • BiP:A/Financial Narratives Taught course
  • BiP:A/Leveraging Salesforce Taught course
  • BiP:A/Sales & Operations Plan Taught course
  • BiP:A/Socia ImpactStartUps:Acc Taught course
  • BiP:A/Tableau Taught course
  • BiP:C/Agile Tech Sourcing Taught course
  • BiP:C/BiP Guide Program Taught course
  • BiP:C/Building Business Taught course
  • BiP:C/Company Culture Taught course
  • BiP:C/Disruption Supply Chain Taught course
  • BiP:C/Intro To Content Mktg Taught course
  • BiP:C/Organizational Agility Taught course
  • BiP:C/Product Licensing Taught course
  • BiP:C/Retail Dynamics Taught course
  • BiP:C/Social Impact Start-Ups Taught course
  • BiP:C/Sustainable Sourcing Taught course
  • BiP:P/BiP Program Guide Taught course
  • BiP:P/Business Networking Taught course
  • BiP:P/Career Strategy & Devl Taught course
  • BiP:P/Career Strategy & Devl Taught course
  • BiP:P/College to Career Taught course
  • BiP:P/The Engaged Workplace Taught course
  • BiP:S/Authentic Communication Taught course
  • BiP:S/BiP Guide Program Taught course
  • BiP:S/Business of Storytelling Taught course
  • BiP:S/Diversity, Equity & Incl Taught course
  • BiP:S/Immersive Experiences Taught course
  • BiP:S/Intro to Email Marketing Taught course
  • BiP:S/Leadership in Practice Taught course
  • BiP:S/Ready to Lead Taught course
  • BiP:S/Search&InterviewTactics Taught course
  • BiP:S/Talent Lifecycle Taught course
  • BiP:S/Transfer Seminar Taught course
  • BiP:S/Women's Leadership Taught course
  • Honors Seminar Taught course 2023
  • Honors/The Consulting Project Taught course 2022
  • Honors/The Consulting Project Taught course 2021
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  • Luciana Echazu