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2020 Eya2 promotes cell cycle progression by regulating DNA damage response during vertebrate limb regeneration.eLife.  9:e51217. 2020
2020 Precise control of ion channel and gap junction expression is required for patterning of the regenerating axolotl limb.International Journal of Developmental Biology.  64:485-494. 2020
2017 Repeated removal of developing limb buds permanently reduces appendage size in the highly-regenerative axolotl.Developmental Biology.  424:1-9. 2017
2017 Identification of regenerative roadblocks via repeat deployment of limb regeneration in axolotls.NPJ Regen Med.  2:30. 2017
2016 Impaired Recall of Positional Memory following Chemogenetic Disruption of Place Field Stability.Cell Reports.  16:793-804. 2016
2015 A robust transcriptional program in newts undergoing multiple events of lens regeneration throughout their lifespan.eLife.  4:e09594. 2015
2014 Molecular signatures that correlate with induction of lens regeneration in newts: lessons from proteomic analysis.Human Genomics.  8:22. 2014
2014 Plasticity for axolotl lens regeneration is associated with age-related changes in gene expression.Regeneration (Oxf).  1:47-57. 2014
2013 A de novo assembly of the newt transcriptome combined with proteomic validation identifies new protein families expressed during tissue regeneration.Genome Biology.  14:R16. 2013
2013 A microarray analysis of gene expression patterns during early phases of newt lens regeneration.Molecular Vision.  19:135-145. 2013
2013 Loss of the six3/6 controlling pathways might have resulted in pinhole-eye evolution in Nautilus.Scientific Reports.  3:1432. 2013
2013 Transcriptome analysis of Nautilus and pygmy squid developing eye provides insights in lens and eye evolution.PLoS ONE.  8:e78054. 2013
2013 Transcriptome analysis of newt lens regeneration reveals distinct gradients in gene expression patterns.PLoS ONE.  8:e61445. 2013
2012 Patterns of gene expression in microarrays and expressed sequence tags from normal and cataractous lenses.Human Genomics.  6:14. 2012
2012 Conservation of the three-dimensional structure in non-homologous or unrelated proteins.Human Genomics.  6:10. 2012
2012 Organ repair and regeneration: an overview.Birth Defects Research Part C - Embryo Today: Reviews.  96:1-29. 2012


Year Title
2017 Eye tissue regeneration and engineering.  523-541. 2017
2014 Aging and regeneration in vertebrates.Current Topics in Developmental Biology. 217-246. 2014
2014 Lens Regeneration.  131-141. 2014

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