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  • I'm a Physicist with a Ph.D. in Geospace Physics. I've been working for two and a half years as a data scientist. Since my undergraduate, I've been working with the Earth's magnetic field, analyzing geomagnetic pulsations and other frequency ranges related to events in the Sun-Earth medium. In my Thesis, I evaluated the ULF waves and relativistic electrons interaction in the Outer Radiation Belts during all Van Allen Probes Era. I have a strong background in space physics, space plasma, and Earth's radiation belts physics, especially analyzing wave signals and outer radiation belt electron variations.

    My current projects are related to using machine learning to predict Geomagnetically Induced Currents (GIC), using near real-time solar wind data for regions in mid to high latitudes. I am also interested in studying waves and particle interaction leading to particle precipitation in high and low latitudes.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title
    2023 High‐Energy Electron Flux Enhancement Pattern in the Outer Radiation Belt in Response to the Interplanetary Coronal Mass EjectionsJournal of Geophysical Research.  128. 2023
    2023 Probabilistic Forecasting of Ground Magnetic Perturbation Spikes at Mid‐Latitude StationsSpace Weather.  21. 2023
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    2022 Global Modeling of the Inner Magnetosphere Under the Influence of a Magnetic Cloud Associated With an Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejection: Energy Conversion and Ultra‐Low Frequency Wave ActivityJournal of Geophysical Research.  127. 2022
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    2022 New Findings Relating Tidal Variability and Solar Activity in the Low Latitude MLT RegionJournal of Geophysical Research.  127. 2022
    2021 High-Energy Electron Flux Enhancement Pattern in the Outer Radiation Belt in Response to the Alfvenic Fluctuations Within High-Speed Solar Wind Stream: A Statistical AnalysisJournal of Geophysical Research.  126. 2021
    2021 Dynamic Mechanisms Associated With High-Energy Electron Flux Dropout in the Earth's Outer Radiation Belt Under the Influence of a Coronal Mass Ejection Sheath RegionJournal of Geophysical Research.  126. 2021
    2020 Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Waves Pattern Recognition Based on a Deep Learning Technique: Bag-of-Features Algorithm Applied to SpectrogramsAstrophysical Journal Supplement Series.  249:13-13. 2020
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    2019 On the Contribution of EMIC Waves to the Reconfiguration of the Relativistic Electron Butterfly Pitch Angle Distribution Shape on 2014 September 12-A Case StudyThe Astrophysical Journal: an international review of astronomy and astronomical physics.  872:36-36. 2019
    2017 Acceleration of radiation belt electrons and the role of the average interplanetary magnetic field B-z component in high-speed streamsJournal of Geophysical Research.  122:10084-10101. 2017
    2017 The Role of Solar Wind Structures in the Generation of ULF Waves in the Inner MagnetosphereSolar Physics: a journal for solar and solar-stellar research and the study of solar terrestrial physics.  292. 2017
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    2016 Outer radiation belt dropout dynamics following the arrival of two interplanetary coronal mass ejectionsGeophysical Research Letters.  43:978-987. 2016
    A multi-instrumental and modeling analysis of the ionospheric responses to the solar eclipse on 14 December 2020 over the Brazilian regionAnnales Geophysicae: atmospheres, hydrospheres and space sciences.  40:191-203.
    Analysis of the Sporadic-E Layer Behavior in Different American Stations during the Days around the September 2017 Geomagnetic StormATMOSPHERE.  13:1714-1714.
    Analysis of the different physical mechanisms in the atypical sporadic E (Es) layer occurrence over a low latitude region in the Brazilian sectorFRONTIERS IN ASTRONOMY AND SPACE SCIENCES.  10.

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  • Jose Marchezi