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  • A revision of the Nearctic species of Brachygluta Thomson, 1859 (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Pselaphinae).  3928:1-+. 2015
  • Nematodes from galls on Myrtaceae. IX. Fergusobia rosettae n. sp. on Melaleuca quinquenervia and F. tolgaensis n. sp. on Syzygium luehmannii, from Queensland..  3889:214-236. 2014
  • Nematodes from galls on Myrtaceae. VIII. Fergusobia from small galls on shoot buds, with descriptions of four new species..  3857:1-40. 2014
  • Nematodes from galls on Myrtaceae. VII. Fergusobia from 'leafy' leaf bud galls in Australia, with re-description of Fergusobia tumifaciens (Currie 1937) Wachek 1955 and descriptions of Fergusobia planchonianae n. sp. and Fergusobia viminalisae n. sp..  3856:529-554. 2014
  • Nematodes from galls on Myrtaceae. IV. Fergusobia from flat leaf galls on¬†Eucalyptus and Corymbia, with descriptions of two new species..  3741:151-171. 2013
  • Nematodes from galls on Myrtaceae. V. Fergusobia from large multilocular shoot bud galls from Angophora and Eucalyptus in Australia, with descriptions of six new species..  3741:101-140. 2013
  • Nematodes from galls on Myrtaceae. I. Fergusobia/Fergusonina galls on Corymbia spp., with re-description of F. magna and notes on its phylogenetic relationships.  25-40. 2010
  • The nematode genus Fergusobia (Nematoda: Neotylenchidae): molecular phylogeny, descriptions of clades and associated galls, host plants and Fergusonina fly larvae.  1-66. 2010
  • Linking operational clustered taxonomic units (OCTUs) from parallel ultra sequencing (PUS) to nematode species.  2427:55-63. 2010
  • Five new species of cotylean flatworms (Platyhelminthes : Polycladida) from the wider Caribbean.  1-23. 2007
  • First description of deep-sea polyclad flatworms from the North Pacific: Anocellidus n. gen. profundus n. sp (Anocellidae, n. fam.) and Oligocladus voightae n. sp (Euryleptidae).  1-19. 2006
  • Morphology and systematics of Bursaphelenchus gerberae n. sp (Nematoda : Parasitaphelenchidae), a rare associate of the palm weevil, Rhynchophorus palmarum in Trinidad.  39-53. 2006
  • A new acotylean flatworm, Armatoplana colombiana n. sp (Platyhelminthes : Polycladida : Stylochoplanidae) from the Caribbean coast of Colombia, South America.  53-64. 2006
  • A checklist of polyclad flatworms (Platyhelminthes : Polycladida) from the Caribbean coast of Colombia, South America.  1-12. 2004
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