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  • Chemical Indicators of Cryoturbation and Microbial Processing throughout an Alaskan Permafrost Soil Depth Profile.  79:783-793. 2015
  • Assessing the Suitability of Rotary Coring for Sampling in Rocky Soils.  76:1707-1718. 2012
  • Permanganate Oxidizable Carbon Reflects a Processed Soil Fraction that is Sensitive to Management.  76:494-504. 2012
  • The Quantitative Soil Pit Method for Measuring Belowground Carbon and Nitrogen Stocks.  76:2241-2255. 2012
  • Human-Soil Relations are Changing Rapidly: Proposals from SSSA's Cross-Divisional Soil Change Working Group.  75:2079-2084. 2011
  • Residue carbon stabilization in soil aggregates of no-till and tillage management of dryland cropping systems.  72:507-513. 2008
  • Estimating root biomass in rocky soils using pits, cores, and allometric equations.  71:206-213. 2007
  • Aggregation and organic matter protection following tillage of a previously uncultivated soil.  70:1398-1406. 2006
  • Bacterial and fungal contributions to carbon sequestration in agroecosystems.  70:555-569. 2006
  • Preferential accumulation of microbial carbon in aggregate structures of no-tillage soils.  68:1249-1255. 2004
  • Dissolved Organic Carbon Retention in Soils.  66:563-563. 2002
  • Dissolved organic carbon retention in soils: Comparison of solution and soil measurements.  66:563-568. 2002
  • Organic amendment and rotation crop effects on the recovery of soil organic matter and aggregation in potato cropping systems.  66:1311-1319. 2002
  • Quantification of biodegradable dissolved organic carbon in soil solution with flow-through bioreactors.  62:1556-1564. 1998
  • A high-temperature catalytic oxidation technique for determining total dissolved nitrogen.  60:1050-1055. 1996
  • Decadal Change in Soil Chemistry of Northern Hardwood Forests on the White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire, USA 2019
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