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  • Risk-based public health impact assessment for drinking water contamination emergencies..  172966. 2024
  • Flow cytometric assessments of metabolic activity in bacterial assemblages provide insight into ecosystem condition along the Buffalo National River, Arkansas..  921:170462. 2024
  • Marsh sediments chronically exposed to nitrogen enrichment contain degraded organic matter that is less vulnerable to decomposition via nitrate reduction.  915:169681-169681. 2024
  • Optimal ranges of social-environmental drivers and their impacts on vegetation dynamics in Kazakhstan..  847:157562. 2022
  • Combining GOES-R and ECOSTRESS land surface temperature data to investigate diurnal variations of surface urban heat island..  823:153652. 2022
  • Daytime and nighttime warming has no opposite effects on vegetation phenology and productivity in the northern hemisphere..  822:153386. 2022
  • Plant organic matter inputs exert a strong control on soil organic matter decomposition in a thawing permafrost peatland..  820:152757. 2022
  • Initial soil conditions outweigh management in a cool-season dairy farm's carbon sequestration potential..  809:152195. 2022
  • Spatial patterns and driving factors of aboveground and belowground biomass over the eastern Eurasian steppe..  803:149700. 2022
  • Influence of landscape features on urban land surface temperature: Scale and neighborhood effects..  771:145381. 2021
  • Exploring diurnal cycles of surface urban heat island intensity in Boston with land surface temperature data derived from GOES-R geostationary satellites..  763:144224. 2021
  • A spatial life cycle cost assessment of stormwater management systems..  728:138787. 2020
  • Dynamic life cycle economic and environmental assessment of residential solar photovoltaic systems..  722:137932. 2020
  • Carbon fluxes across alpine, oasis, and desert ecosystems in northwestern China: The importance of water availability..  697:133978. 2019
  • Remote sensing and modeling fusion for investigating the ecosystem water-carbon coupling processes..  697:134064. 2019
  • A dynamic life cycle assessment of green infrastructures..  692:1146-1154. 2019
  • A global-scale assessment of fish mercury concentrations and the identification of biological hotspots..  687:956-966. 2019
  • Managing dams for energy and fish tradeoffs: What does a win-win solution take?.  669:833-843. 2019
  • High total dissolved solids in shale gas wastewater inhibit biodegradation of alkyl and nonylphenol ethoxylate surfactants..  668:1094-1103. 2019
  • Influences of agricultural land use composition and distribution on nitrogen export from a subtropical watershed in China..  642:21-32. 2018
  • The water-energy nexus at water supply and its implications on the integrated water and energy management..  636:1257-1267. 2018
  • Early stage litter decomposition across biomes..  628-629:1369-1394. 2018
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the Minamata Convention on Mercury: Principles and recommendations for next steps..  569-570:888-903. 2016
  • Quantifying the link between crop production and mined groundwater irrigation in China..  511:161-175. 2015
  • Light extinction by fine atmospheric particles in the White Mountains region of New Hampshire and its relationship to air mass transport..  287:221-239. 2002
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