Publication Venue For

  • Bush, Obama and the Corporate Media: Eight Years of Immaculate Deception about America’s Afghan War 2010
  • Obama/Pentagon Lies to Set the War Narrative and Where Afghan Civilian Deaths Do Matter 2010
  • One Month of the Obama Killing Machine in Afghanistan: Data and a Lesson for the UNAMA and its Groupies 2010
  • Technology Spectacles: the Country that Produced MRE’s now gives Afghans Drones and GRR (Government Ready-to-Rule) Kits 2010
  • The Politics of Counting Dead Afghan Civilians 2010
  • How Many Dead Non-White Civilians Does It Take for the U.S to Notice? Putting the Kunduz Massacre in Context 2009
  • Killing the Innocents to Save ‘Our Troops’: Eight Years of Horror Perpetrated upon Afghan Civilians by the American Military and its Megaphone, the Corporate Media 2009
  • Obama More Deadly for Afghan Civilians than Bush (in Jan 2009): ‘Change’ Afghans Should Look upon with Skepticism 2009
  • Uncomfortable Others: Afghan Civilians Wounded by America 2009
  • Afghanistan: A Socio-Economically Irrelevant Space to be Kept “Empty” through Least-Cost Military Means 2008
  • German Bomber Pilot Willi Schludecker says: ‘I’m sorry,’ but the word sorry doesn’t exist for American bomber pilots (yet their bombs are far more deadly) 2008
  • The Massacre at Aranas on the Waygal River, Nuristan Province 2008
  • The Massacre in Shagay, Bakwa district of Farah Province 2008
  • The Massacre in the Do-ab district, Nuristan 2008
  • Newspeak of the AP Reporting on Afghanistan and its Silence about 1,000 Afghan Civilians Killed by the US/NATO so far in 2007 2007
  • To Remember Haziza’s Family, Bashir’s Family, Jamila’s Family, and Hundreds of Other Afghan Families 2003