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  • Ecological characteristics explain neutral genetic variation of three coastal sparrow species..  33:e17316. 2024
  • Multisensory integration by polymodal sensory neurons dictates larval settlement in a brainless cnidarian larva..  32:3892-3907. 2023
  • The genomics of mimicry: Gene expression throughout development provides insights into convergent and divergent phenotypes in a Müllerian mimicry system..  30:4039-4061. 2021
  • Comparative and population genomics approaches reveal the basis of adaptation to deserts in a small rodent..  29:1300-1314. 2020
  • Spatiotemporal landscape genetics: Investigating ecology and evolution through space and time..  29:218-246. 2020
  • Importance of plant- and microbe-driven metabolic pathways for plant defence..  28:1582-1584. 2019
  • Subspecies delineation amid phenotypic, geographic and genetic discordance in a songbird..  26:1242-1255. 2017
  • Coexisting cryptic species of the Litoditis marina complex (Nematoda) show differential resource use and have distinct microbiomes with high intraspecific variability..  25:2093-2110. 2016
  • Limited influence of local and landscape factors on finescale gene flow in two pond-breeding amphibians..  24:742-758. 2015
  • Metagenetic community analysis of microbial eukaryotes illuminates biogeographic patterns in deep-sea and shallow water sediments..  21:1048-1059. 2012
  • Ecometagenetics confirm high tropical rainforest nematode diversity..  19:5521-5530. 2010
  • Ultrasequencing of the meiofaunal biosphere: practice, pitfalls and promises..  19 Suppl 1:4-20. 2010
  • Population structure of spotted salamanders (Ambystoma maculatum) in a fragmented landscape..  18:235-247. 2009
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