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  • What works for you may not work for (Gen)Me: Limitations of present leadership theories for the new generation.  28:245-260. 2017
  • Making "sense" of ethical decision making.  27:838-855. 2016
  • Collective leadership behaviors: Evaluating the leader, team network, and problem situation characteristics that influence their use.  27:312-333. 2016
  • How outstanding leaders lead with affect: An examination of charismatic, ideological, and pragmatic leaders.  26:502-517. 2015
  • Abusive supervision and the entitled employee.  25:204-217. 2014
  • Leadership and emotion management for complex tasks: Different emotions, different strategies.  23:517-533. 2012
  • Abusive supervisory reactions to coworker relationship conflict.  22:1010-1023. 2011
  • Perceptions of abusive supervision: The role of subordinates' attribution styles.  22:751-764. 2011
  • Leadership, affect and emotions A state of the science review.  21:979-1004. 2010
  • The role, function, and contribution of attribution theory to leadership: A review.  18:561-585. 2007
  • Coping with abusive supervision: The neutralizing effects of ingratiation and positive affect on negative employee outcomes.  18:264-280. 2007
  • Emergent leaders as managers of group emotion.  13:583-599. 2002
  • Emotional intelligence as the basis of leadership emergence in self-managing teams.  13:505-522. 2002
  • Charismatic leadership and task feedback: A laboratory study of their effects on self-efficacy and task performance.  10:375-396. 1999
  • Gender and leadership style: Transformational and transactional leadership in the Roman Catholic Church.  5:99-119. 1994
  • Emergent leader behavior and the development of team efficacy
  • Leadership in virtual teams
  • Shared Leadership Performance Relationship Trajectories as Impacted by Team Interventions and Members’ Collective Personalities
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