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  • Attitudes toward people with physical disabilities: An examination of social context, discipline, disability type, and demographics.  54:117-133. 2021
  • Job quality for Americans with disabilities.  50:121-130. 2019
  • The association of commuting time and wages for American workers with disabilities.  50:13-21. 2019
  • The effectiveness of employer practices to recruit, hire, and retain employees with disabilities: Supervisor perspectives.  51:339-353. 2019
  • Striving to work and overcoming barriers: Employment strategies and successes of people with disabilities.  48:93-109. 2018
  • Variations in social capital among vocational rehabilitation applicants.  46:187-194. 2017
  • An evaluation framework to measure usability of Assistive Technology at workplace: A demonstration study.  44:213-226. 2016
  • Social capital, employment and labor force participation among persons with disabilities.  43:17-31. 2015
  • Living on the Edge: Impact of Cutting DI/SSI Benefits on People with Disabilities and other Safety-Net Programs.  41:209-223. 2014
  • Living on the edge: Assessing the economic impacts of potential disability benefit reductions for Social Security disability beneficiaries.  41:209-223. 2014
  • Prescription drug abuse among persons with disabilities.  29:105-115. 2008
  • Ticket-to-Work project: Evaluation of an assertive outreach campaign to increase ticket assignment and use of the One-Stop system by SSA beneficiaries in an urban county in New Jersey.  26:79-88. 2007
  • Informing the development of employment programs for persons with disabilities: A case study analysis of the definitions, uses and implications of the idea of suitable employment.  21:137-147. 2004
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