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  • Wake meandering in a model wind turbine array in a high Reynolds number turbulent boundary layer.  1452:012073-012073. 2020
  • Deformation-induced surface roughening of an Al-Mg alloy.  1063:012132-012132. 2018
  • Validation of an Actuator Line Model Coupled to a Dynamic Stall Model for Pitching Motions Characteristic to Vertical Axis Turbines.  753:022043-022043. 2016
  • Prediction of part shape and associated material properties in hot-press forming using finite element analysis.  734:032024-032024. 2016
  • Broken Power-law Distributions from Low Coronal Compression Regions or Shocks.  642:012025-012025. 2015
  • Connecting the interstellar magnetic field at the heliosphere to the Loop I superbubble.  577:012010-012010. 2015
  • Deep dielectric charging and breakdown of lunar polar regolith.  646:012010-012010. 2015
  • Searching for gravitational waves from pulsars in binary systems: an all-sky search.  228:012005-012005. 2010
  • Turbine Wake Deflection Measurement in a Wind Tunnel with a Lidar WindScanner 2020
  • Ductile fracture of AA6111 alloy including the effect of bake-hardening 2018
  • The Local Interstellar Magnetic Field Observed by Voyager 1 and IBEX 2018
  • Observations of Low-Frequency Magnetic Waves due to Newborn Interstellar Pickup Ions Using ACE, Ulysses, and Voyager Data 2017
  • Applications for New Scintillator Technologies in Gamma Ray Astronomy 2016
  • Charge-to-mass dependence of heavy ion spectral breaks in large gradual solar energetic particle events 2016
  • Following the interstellar magnetic field from the heliosphere into space with polarized starlight 2016
  • Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe (IMAP) 2016
  • Interstellar Gas Flow Vector and Temperature Determination over 5 Years of IBEX Observations 2015
  • Anisotropies in TeV Cosmic Rays Related to the Local Interstellar Magnetic Field from the IBEX Ribbon 2015
  • Anisotropies in TeV Cosmic Rays Related to the IBEX Ribbon 2014
  • Potential for a Tensor Asymmetry A(zz) Measurement in the x > 1 Region at Jefferson Lab 2014
  • Cooper pair islanding model of insulating nanohoneycomb films 2012
  • Velocity shear instability and plasma billows at the Earth's magnetic boundary 2012
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