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  • Short-Term Effects of Thin-Layer Sand Placement on Salt Marsh Grasses: A Marsh Organ Field Experiment..  37:771-778. 2021
  • Determining How Soil Amendments Enhance the Recovery of Ammophila breviligulata Following Dune Die-Off Events in Coastal New England.  36:88-93. 2020
  • Modeling Groundwater Rise Caused by Sea-Level Rise in Coastal New Hampshire.  35:143-157. 2019
  • Assessment of Elevation Uncertainty in Salt Marsh Environments using Discrete-Return and Full-Waveform Lidar.  76:107-122. 2016
  • Post-Sandy Benthic Habitat Mapping Using New Topobathymetric Lidar Technology and Object-Based Image Classification.  76:200-208. 2016
  • Distribution, Pore-Water Chemistry, and Stand Characteristics of the Mangroves of the United Arab Emirates.  31:957-963. 2015
  • Distribution of Mangrove Habitats of Grenada and the Grenadines.  31:155-162. 2015
  • Observations of the vertical structure of tidal currents in two inlets.  2029-2034. 2013
  • Observations of the Vertical Structure of Tidal Currents in Two Inlets.  165:2029-2034. 2013
  • Assimilation of airborne imagery with a wave model for bathymetric estimation.  40-49. 2011
  • LIDAR-derived national shoreline: Empirical and stochastic uncertainty analyses.  62-74. 2011
  • Assimilation of Airborne Imagery with a Wave Model for Bathymetric Estimation.  62:40-49. 2011
  • LIDAR-Derived National Shoreline: Empirical and Stochastic Uncertainty Analyses.  62:62-74. 2011
  • Bottom habitat mapping using towed underwater videography: Subtidal oyster reefs as an example application.  24:103-109. 2008
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