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  • What does it cost you to get there? The effects of emotional journeys on daily outcomes..  107:1203-1226. 2022
  • On the relation between felt trust and actual trust: Examining pathways to and implications of leader trust meta-accuracy..  105:994-1012. 2020
  • Centralization of member voice in teams: Its effects on expertise utilization and team performance..  103:813-827. 2018
  • An exploration of the role of subordinate affect in leader evaluations..  103:738-752. 2018
  • Strategic consequences of emotional misrepresentation in negotiation: The blowback effect..  101:605-624. 2016
  • Modeling reciprocal team cohesion-performance relationships, as impacted by shared leadership and members' competence..  100:713-734. 2015
  • Managing a new collaborative entity in business organizations: understanding organizational communities of practice effectiveness..  96:1234-1245. 2011
  • Antecedents and consequences of customer-company identification: expanding the role of relationship marketing..  90:574-585. 2005
  • Effects and timing of developmental peer appraisals in self-managing work groups..  84:58-74. 1999
  • Blowback Effects in Employment Negotiation: Consequences for Job Candidates and Managers
  • Green with envy: The role of trust in buffering the effects of employees’ responses to envy
  • I Know What You Really Mean: Exploring the Implications of Negative Perceptions of Positive Feedback
  • The trickle-down effect of leaders’ hard-bargaining tactics and post-deal implications
  • Third One’s the Charm? How Emotions impact the Role of Third Parties in Trust Repair.
  • Green with envy: The mitigating effect of trust on employees’ behaviors in response to envy.
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