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  • COVID-19 Among Youth in Israel: Correlates of Decisions to Vaccinate and Reasons for Refusal 2021
  • Independent and Cumulative Effects of Recent Maltreatment on Suicidal Ideation and Thoughts of Self-harm in a National Sample of Youth. 2021
  • Sextortion of Minors: Characteristics and Dynamics..  62:72-79. 2018
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  • A Behaviorally Specific, Empirical Alternative to Bullying: Aggravated Peer Victimization..  59:496-501. 2016
  • Polyvictimization and Youth Violence Exposure Across Contexts..  58:208-214. 2016
  • Cyberbullying and bullying must be studied within a broader peer victimization framework..  56:473-474. 2015
  • Parental Separation, Parental Alcoholism, and Timing of First Sexual Intercourse.  56:550-556. 2015
  • "Sexting" and its relation to sexual activity and sexual risk behavior in a national survey of adolescents..  55:757-764. 2014
  • The lifetime prevalence of child sexual abuse and sexual assault assessed in late adolescence..  55:329-333. 2014
  • Differentiating youth who are bullied from other victims of peer-aggression: the importance of differential power and repetition..  55:293-300. 2014
  • Are crimes by online predators different from crimes by sex offenders who know youth in-person?.  53:736-741. 2013
  • Effects of Positive Action on the emotional health of urban youth: a cluster-randomized trial..  53:706-711. 2013
  • Trends in youth internet victimization: findings from three youth internet safety surveys 2000-2010..  50:179-186. 2012
  • Youth Internet victimization in a broader victimization context..  48:128-134. 2011
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  • Online requests for sexual pictures from youth: risk factors and incident characteristics..  41:196-203. 2007
  • Prevalence and frequency of Internet harassment instigation: implications for adolescent health..  41:189-195. 2007
  • Trends in youth reports of sexual solicitations, harassment and unwanted exposure to pornography on the Internet..  40:116-126. 2007
  • Erratum: Depressive symptomatology, youth Internet use, and online interactions: A national survey.  38:92-92. 2006
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  • Internet-initiated sex crimes against minors: implications for prevention based on findings from a national study..  35:424.e11-424.e20. 2004
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