International Journal of Solids and Structures


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  • Multi-strain path deformation behavior of AA6016-T4: Experiments and crystal plasticity modeling.  244:111536-111536. 2022
  • Predicting extreme anisotropy and shape variations in impact testing of tantalum single crystals.  241:111466-111466. 2022
  • Plastic anisotropy and ductile fracture of bake-hardened AA6013 aluminum sheet.  155:123-139. 2018
  • On micromechanical modeling of orthotropic solids with parallel cracks.  144:46-58. 2018
  • Coupled texture and non-Schmid effects on yield surfaces of body-centered cubic polycrystals predicted by a crystal plasticity finite element approach.  109:22-32. 2017
  • Comparison of full field and single pore approaches to homogenization of linearly elastic materials with pores of regular and irregular shapes.  96:48-63. 2016
  • Prediction of the effective elastic moduli of materials with irregularly-shaped pores based on the pore projected areas.  51:2687-2695. 2014
  • Numerical modeling of carbon/carbon composites with nanotextured matrix and 3D pores of irregular shapes.  48:2447-2457. 2011
  • Elastic deformation of composite cylinders with cylindrically orthotropic layers.  47:25-33. 2010
  • On micromechanical modeling of particulate composites with inclusions of various shapes.  42:409-427. 2005
  • Effective elastic properties of solids with two-dimensional inclusions of irregular shapes.  41:6905-6924. 2004
  • Effective elastic properties of solids with defects of irregular shapes.  39:1539-1555. 2002
  • Effective moduli of an anisotropic material with elliptical holes of arbitrary orientational distribution.  37:5919-5941. 2000
  • Stress concentrations and microfracturing patterns in a brittle-elastic solid with interacting pores of diverse shapes.  34:2887-2904. 1997
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