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  • The Axial Capacity of Closed-Ended Pipe Piles Driven in Gravelly Sands 2021
  • Centrifuge Tests to Evaluate Seismic Settlement of Shallow Foundations on Unsaturated Silty Sand 2020
  • Experimental Study of Crushing in Cone Penetration Test in Silica Sand 2020
  • Static Load Test on Open-Ended Pipe Pile Using Double-Wall Instrumentation 2020
  • Centrifuge Modeling to Evaluate Kinematic Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction 2018
  • Design and Calibration of a Miniature Cone for Testing in Unsaturated Soils 2018
  • Static and Dynamic Pile Load Tests on Closed-Ended Driven Pipe Pile 2018
  • Laboratory Study of the Effect of Pile Surface Roughness on the Response of Soil and Non-Displacement Piles 2017
  • Numerical Evaluation of the Effect of Unsaturated Soil above the Water Table on Cone Resistance 2017
  • Simplified Equivalent Linear and Nonlinear Site Response Analysis of Partially Saturated Soil Layers 2015
  • Seismic Soil-Structure-Interaction and Lateral Earth Pressures on Buried Reservoir Structures 2014
  • Centrifuge Evaluation of the Impact of Partial Saturation on the Amplification of Peak Ground Acceleration in Soil Layers 2012
  • Challenges in Predicting the Earthquake-Induced Settlements of Partially Saturated Sands 2010
  • Impact of Effective Stress in Dynamic Shear Modulus of Unsaturated Sands 2010
  • Effect of fines on sand residual strength after liquefaction 2008
  • Characterizing fatigue in pavement materials using a dissipated energy parameter 2005
  • Liquefied granular materials as non-newtonian fluids: A laboratory study 2005
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