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  • 3-D Seismic Investigation of a Gas Hydrate and Fluid Flow System on an Active Mid-Ocean Ridge; Svyatogor Ridge, Fram Strait.  19:2325-2341. 2018
  • Thermal segmentation of mid-ocean ridge-transform faults.  18:3405-3418. 2017
  • Rock magnetic and geochemical evidence for authigenic magnetite formation via iron reduction in coal-bearing sediments offshore Shimokita Peninsula, Japan (IODP Site C0020).  18:2076-2098. 2017
  • Determining the flux of methane into Hudson Canyon at the edge of methane clathrate hydrate stability.  17:3882-3892. 2016
  • Submarine and subaerial lavas in the West Antarctic Rift System: Temporal record of shifting magma source components from the lithosphere and asthenosphere.  16:4344-4361. 2015
  • Active mud volcanoes on the continental slope of the Canadian Beaufort Sea.  16:3160-3181. 2015
  • Split-beam echo sounder observations of natural methane seep variability in the northern Gulf of Mexico.  16:736-750. 2015
  • South Asian monsoon history over the past 60 kyr recorded by radiogenic isotopes and clay mineral assemblages in the Andaman Sea.  16:505-521. 2015
  • The relationship between seismicity and fault structure on the Discovery transform fault, East Pacific Rise.  15:3698-3712. 2014
  • Acoustic estimates of methane gas flux from the seabed in a 6000 km(2) region in the Northern Gulf of Mexico.  15:1911-1925. 2014
  • A detailed seabed signature from Hurricane Sandy revealed in bedforms and scour.  14:4334-4340. 2013
  • Sediment mixing in the tropical Pacific and radiolarian stratigraphy.  13:n/a-n/a. 2012
  • Geochemical structure of the Hawaiian plume: Sr, Nd, and Os isotopes in the 2.8 km HSDP-2 section of Mauna Kea volcano.  6:n/a-n/a. 2005
  • Automatic processing of high-rate, high-density multibeam echosounder data.  4:n/a-n/a. 2003
  • Isotopic evolution of Mauna Loa and the chemical structure of the Hawaiian plume.  2. 2001
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