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  • 56CO gamma-rays from SN1998BU: COMPTEL upper limits.  459:87-90. 2001
  • The COMPTEL 1.809 MEV survey.  459:55-58. 2001
  • The advanced compton telescope mission 2007
  • Cross-correlation of interplanetary parameters for large X (450 RE) separation: Dependence on interplanetary structure 2005
  • Current sheet evolution in the aftermath of a CME 2005
  • Evolution of interplanetary magnetic clouds from 0.3 AU to 1 AU: A joint Helios-wind investigation 2005
  • Ionic charge states of Mg, Si and Fe in Fe-RICH solar energetic particle events 2005
  • On the thickness of the sheath of magnetic clouds in the inner heliosphere: a helios-wind investigation 2005
  • Solar wind from the coronal hole boundaries 2005
  • The relative distribution of the magnetic and plasma kinetic energy densities in the inner heliosphere (< 1 AU) 2005
  • Geostationary magnetic field signatures of erosion: Wind-goes observations 2002
  • On the dynamics of the solar corona: First results obtained with a new 3D MHD model 2002
  • On the dynamics of the solar corona: The numerics behind a self-consistent 3D MHD model 2002
  • COMPTEL observations of PKS 0208-512 from 1991 to 1998 2001
  • Scintillator-based low energy particle imaging spectrometer for nanosatellites 2001
  • Structure of magnetic field line reconnection for anisotropic pressure 2000
  • Electron density distribution in the magnetosphere 1997
  • Limits to the fractionation of isotopes in the solar wind as observed with SOHO/CELIAS/MTOF 1997
  • Magnesium isotope composition in the solar wind as observed with the MTOF sensor on the CELIAS experiment on board the SOHO spacecraft 1997
  • The Sun at minimum activity: Results from the CELIAS experiment on SOHO 1997
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