EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts


Publication Venue For

  • Position of the IBEX ribbon as a key to understand its origin 2017
  • Remote Sensing the Plasma Flows Around the Heliopsheath and Consequences for the Shape of the Heliosphere. 2017
  • Solar Wind Overview of Cycle 24 2017
  • The Sun Radio Imaging Space Experiment (SunRISE) Mission 2017
  • The downwind hemisphere of the heliosphere: what do IBEX observations at low energies tell us and which questions remain open? 2017
  • On the Relation of Wave-Particle Interactions, Particle Dynamics, and Suprathermal Particle Distributions 2016
  • THOR Ion Mass Spectrometer instrument - IMS 2016
  • The roll-over of heliospheric neutral hydrogen below 100 eV: observations and implications 2016
  • Did IBEX detect interstellar neutral helium or oxygen from anti-ram direction? 2015
  • Wave-Particle Interactions and Particle Acceleration in Turbulent Plasmas: Hybrid Simulations 2015
  • Particle Acceleration at Interplanetary Discontinuities 2014
  • Encounter of STEREO B with the Ion tail of Comet Elenin: STEREO/PLASTIC Observations 2013
  • The Heliosphere and the Interstellar Medium- New Discoveries from IBEX 2013
  • Ion Distributions and ENA Production at the Heliospheric Termination Shock: Theory and Simulations 2012
  • Local Interstellar Hydrogen Variability observed by IBEX 2012
  • The free escape boundary of diffuse ions upstream of the Earth’s quasi-parallel bow shock 2012
  • Analysis of Suprathermal Events Observed by STEREO/PLASTIC with a Focus on Upstream/Magnetospheric Events 2010
  • Remote Sensing of the Effect of the Solar Wind Abundance on the Local Wave Structure of the Earth’s Bow Shock 2010
  • The ’Ribbon 2010