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  • Stable potassium (K) isotope characteristics at mid-ocean ridge hydrothermal vents and its implications for the global K cycle.  593:117653-117653. 2022
  • Daily bathymetric surveys document how stratigraphy is built and its extreme incompleteness in submarine channels.  515:231-247. 2019
  • Direct high-precision U-Pb geochronology of the end-Cretaceous extinction and calibration of Paleocene astronomical timescales.  452:272-280. 2016
  • Magnetic minerals as recorders of weathering, diagenesis, and paleoclimate: A core-outcrop comparison of Paleocene-Eocene paleosols in the Bighorn Basin, WY, USA.  452:15-26. 2016
  • Preconditioning and triggering of offshore slope failures and turbidity currents revealed by most detailed monitoring yet at a fjord-head delta.  450:208-220. 2016
  • A strategy for cross-calibrating U-Pb chronology and astrochronology of sedimentary sequences: An example from the Green River Formation, Wyoming, USA.  413:70-78. 2015
  • High latitude hydrological changes during the Eocene Thermal Maximum 2.  404:167-177. 2014
  • An integrated stratigraphic record from the Paleocene of the Chijiang Basin, Jiangxi Province (China): Implications for mammalian turnover and Asian block rotations.  269:553-563. 2008
  • Cosmogenic Cl-36 production rates from Ca spallation in Iceland.  267:365-377. 2008
  • Rupture lengths and temporal history of significant earthquakes on the offshore and north coast segments of the Northern San Andreas Fault based on turbidite stratigraphy.  254:9-27. 2007
  • Cosmogenic He-3 production rates from Holocene lava flows in Iceland.  246:251-264. 2006
  • Three-dimensional distribution of gas hydrate beneath southern Hydrate Ridge: constraints from ODP Leg 204.  222:845-862. 2004
  • Calibration of cosmogenic He-3 production rates from Holocene lava flows in Oregon, USA, and effects of the Earth's magnetic field.  172:261-271. 1999
  • Evidence for rapid climate change in North America during the latest Paleocene thermal maximum: oxygen isotope compositions of biogenic phosphate from the Bighorn Basin (Wyoming).  160:193-208. 1998
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