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  • Stress-mediated convergence of splicing landscapes in male and female rock doves..  21:251. 2020
  • Marker genes as predictors of shared genomic function..  20:268. 2019
  • Genomic, transcriptomic, and proteomic approaches towards understanding the molecular mechanisms of salt tolerance in Frankia strains isolated from Casuarina trees..  18:633. 2017
  • Characterizing the reproductive transcriptomic correlates of acute dehydration in males in the desert-adapted rodent, Peromyscus eremicus..  18:473. 2017
  • Extracting phylogenetic signal and accounting for bias in whole-genome data sets supports the Ctenophora as sister to remaining Metazoa..  16:987. 2015
  • Genome sequence and comparative analysis of a putative entomopathogenic Serratia isolated from Caenorhabditis briggsae..  16:531. 2015
  • Development and preliminary evaluation of a 90 K Axiom® SNP array for the allo-octoploid cultivated strawberry Fragaria × ananassa..  16:155. 2015
  • The ins and outs of metal homeostasis by the root nodule actinobacterium Frankia..  15:1092. 2014
  • An SNP-based second-generation genetic map of Daphnia magna and its application to QTL analysis of phenotypic traits..  15:1033. 2014
  • The genome of Romanomermis culicivorax: revealing fundamental changes in the core developmental genetic toolkit in Nematoda..  14:923. 2013
  • The importance of tissue specificity for RNA-seq: highlighting the errors of composite structure extractions..  14:586. 2013
  • Contrasted evolutionary constraints on secreted and non-secreted proteomes of selected Actinobacteria..  14:474. 2013
  • Simple sequence repeat variation in the Daphnia pulex genome..  11:691. 2010
  • Insertion sequence content reflects genome plasticity in strains of the root nodule actinobacterium Frankia..  10:468. 2009
  • Comparative secretome analysis suggests low plant cell wall degrading capacity in Frankia symbionts..  9:47. 2008
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