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  • Core handling and processing for the WAIS Divide ice-core project.  55:15-26. 2014
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  • Comparison of two ice-core chemical records recovered from the Qomolangma (Mount Everest) region, Himalaya.  35:266-272. 2002
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  • The climate signal recorded in the oxygen-isotope, accumulation and major-ion time series from the Eclipse ice core, Yukon Territory, Canada.  35:416-422. 2002
  • The effects of flowline length evolution on chemistry-delta O-18 profiles from Penny Ice Cap, Baffin Island, Canada.  35:150-156. 2002
  • The polar expression of ENSO and sea-ice variability as recorded in a South Pole ice core.  35:430-436. 2002
  • Seasonal variations of glaciochemical, isotopic and stratigraphic properties in Siple Dome (Antarctica) surface snow.  29:38-44. 1999
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  • Hydrological Investigations at Biafo Glacier, Karakoram Range, Himalaya; an Important Source of Water for the Indus River.  13:103-108. 1989
  • Calibration of an ice-core glaciochernical (sea-salt) record with sea-ice variability in the Canadian Arctic 2006
  • Seasonal and spatial variability in snow chemistry at eclipse Icefield, Yukon, Canada 2006
  • Evidence for recent climate change from ice cores in the central Himalaya 2000
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