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  • Modeling the role of local crystallographic correlations in microstructures of Ti-6A1-4V using a correlated structure visco-plastic self-consistent polycrystal plasticity formulation.  203:116502-116502. 2021
  • Effects of heat treatment and build orientation on the evolution of epsilon and alpha ' martensite and strength during compressive loading of additively manufactured 304L stainless steel.  195:59-70. 2020
  • A crystallographic extension to the Olson-Cohen model for predicting strain path dependence of martensitic transformation.  166:386-401. 2019
  • Modelling recrystallization textures driven by intragranular fluctuations implemented in the viscoplastic self-consistent formulation.  164:530-546. 2019
  • Explicit modeling of double twinning in AZ31 using crystal plasticity finite elements for predicting the mechanical fields for twin variant selection and fracture analyses.  157:339-354. 2018
  • Compact reconstruction of orientation distributions using generalized spherical harmonics to advance large-scale crystal plasticity modeling: Verification using cubic, hexagonal, and orthorhombic polycrystals.  155:418-432. 2018
  • Predicting intragranular misorientation distributions in polycrystalline metals using the viscoplastic self-consistent formulation.  140:398-410. 2017
  • Deformation twinning in rolled WE43-T5 rare earth magnesium alloy: Influence on strain hardening and texture evolution.  131:221-232. 2017
  • The plasticity of highly oriented nano-layered Zr/Nb composites.  115:189-203. 2016
  • Average intragranular misorientation trends in polycrystalline materials predicted by a viscoplastic self-consistent approach.  104:228-236. 2016
  • Bulk texture evolution of nanolamellar Zr-Nb composites processed via accumulative roll bonding.  92:97-108. 2015
  • Strain rate and temperature effects on the selection of primary and secondary slip and twinning systems in HCP Zr.  88:55-73. 2015
  • In situ X-ray diffraction and crystal plasticity modeling of the deformation behavior of extruded Mg-Li-(Al) alloys: An uncommon tension-compression asymmetry.  86:254-268. 2015
  • Deformation behavior of the cobalt-based superalloy Haynes 25: Experimental characterization and crystal plasticity modeling.  63:162-168. 2014
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  • Spectral calibration of crystal plasticity models.  54:1795-1804. 2006
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