Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title
2022 Evidence From Galactic Cosmic Rays That the Sun Has Likely Entered a Secular Minimum in Solar ActivitySpace Weather.  20. 2022
2020 Long-Term Observations of Galactic Cosmic Ray LET Spectra in Lunar Orbit by LRO/CRaTERSpace Weather.  18. 2020
2020 Absorbed doses from GCR and albedo particles emitted by the lunar surfaceActa Astronautica.  175:185-189. 2020
2020 Galactic Cosmic Radiation in the Interplanetary Space Through a Modern Secular MinimumSpace Weather.  18. 2020
2017 Particle Radiation Sources, Propagation and Interactions in Deep Space, at Earth, the Moon, Mars, and Beyond: Examples of Radiation Interactions and EffectsSpace Science Reviews.  212:1069-1106. 2017
2017 Modeling the effectiveness of shielding in the earth-moon-mars radiation environment using PREDICCS: five solar events in 2012Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate.  7:A16-A16. 2017
2017 The rate of dielectric breakdown weathering of lunar regolith in permanently shadowed regionsIcarus.  283:352-358. 2017
2016 Atmospheric radiationmodeling of galactic cosmic rays using LRO/CRaTER and the EMMREM model with comparisons to balloon and airline based measurementsSpace Weather.  14:659-667. 2016
2016 Signatures of volatiles in the lunar proton albedoIcarus.  273:25-35. 2016
2015 Analysis of the potential radiation hazard of the 23 July 2012 SEP event observed by STEREO A using the EMMREM model and LRO/CRaTERSpace Weather.  13:560-567. 2015
2015 Dielectric breakdown weathering of the Moon's polar regolithJournal of Geophysical Research.  120:210-225. 2015
2014 A rapid decrease of the hydrogen corona of MarsGeophysical Research Letters.  41:8013-8020. 2014
2014 Does the worsening galactic cosmic radiation environment observed by CRaTER preclude future manned deep space exploration?Space Weather.  12:622-632. 2014
2014 Deep dielectric charging of regolith within the Moon's permanently shadowed regionsJournal of Geophysical Research.  119:1806-1821. 2014
2014 Radiation modeling in the Earth and Mars atmospheres using LRO/CRaTER with the EMMREM ModuleSpace Weather.  12:112-119. 2014
2013 The formation of molecular hydrogen from water ice in the lunar regolith by energetic charged particlesJournal of Geophysical Research.  118:1257-1264. 2013
2013 Validation of PREDICCS using LRO/CRaTER observations during three major solar events in 2012Space Weather.  11:350-360. 2013
2013 Measurements of galactic cosmic ray shielding with the CRaTER instrumentSpace Weather.  11:284-296. 2013
2012 The first cosmic ray albedo proton map of the MoonJournal of Geophysical Research.  117:n/a-n/a. 2012
2012 Sodium atoms in the lunar exotail: Observed velocity and spatial distributionsIcarus.  219:609-617. 2012
2012 Escape rates and variability constraints for high-energy sodium sources at MercuryJournal of Geophysical Research.  117:n/a-n/a. 2012
2010 Orbital effects on Mercury's escaping sodium exosphereIcarus.  207:9-16. 2010
1991 Molecular Origin of Io's Fast Sodium.Science.  253:1394-1397. 1991

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  • B.S. Astronomy, Ohio State University
  • Ph.D. Astrophysical Sciences, University of Colorado at Boulder
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  • Jody Wilson