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  • Dr. Joshua Davis is an Assistant Professor at the University of New Hampshire studying White Christian Nationalism and cultural support for harsh criminal punishment. Specifically, Dr. Davis's research investigates whether and how the intersection of racial identity and support for "religious" authoritarianism among Americans influence attitudes towards "criminals" and "troublemakers" in society. Further, Dr. Davis's research highlights the role of racialized religious belief structures in the continued salience of racially-coded political strategies in the U.S.

    Prospective Students: Dr. Davis is interested in fostering research agendas focusing on the continuance and consequences of Mass Incarceration in the United States, the impact of racialized religious practice and identity on political and social attitudes, and the impact of race in the criminal justice system more broadly.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title
    2024 Liberty for Us, Limits for Them: Christian Nationalism and Americans’ Views on Citizens’ RightsSociology of Religion.  85:60-82. 2024
    2023 Controlling the Past to Control the Future: Christian Nationalism and Mandatory Patriotic Education in Public SchoolsJournal for the Scientific Study of Religion.  62:694-708. 2023
    2023 The Religious Right and Russia: Christian Nationalism and Americans’ Views on Russia and Vladimir Putin Before and After the Ukrainian InvasionJournal for the Scientific Study of Religion.  62:439-450. 2023
    2021 White Christian Nationalism and Relative Political Tolerance for RacistsSocial Problems.  68:513-534. 2021
    2019 Funding God’s policies, defending whiteness: Christian nationalism and whites’ attitudes towards racially-coded government spending.Ethnic and Racial Studies.  42:2123-2142. 2019
    2019 God’s Country in Black and Blue: How Christian Nationalism Shapes Americans’ Views about Police (Mis)treatment of BlacksSociology of Race and Ethnicity.  5:130-146. 2019
    2018 Enforcing Christian Nationalism: Examining the Link Between Group Identity and Punitive Attitudes in the United StatesJournal for the Scientific Study of Religion.  57:300-317. 2018
    2017 Are Pornography Users More Likely to Experience a Romantic Breakup? Evidence from Longitudinal DataSexuality and Culture.  21:1157-1176. 2017


    Year Title
    2023 Liberty for Us, Limits for Them: Christian Nationalism and Americans' Views on Citizen's Rights 2023

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  • Crime and Conflict Taught course
  • Statistics Taught course
  • Statistics Taught course
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  • Ph.D. Sociology, University of Oklahoma
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  • Joshua Davis