Academic Article

Year Title
2019 Additive or synergistic? Early ectomycorrhizal fungal community response to mixed tree plantings in boreal forest reclamation.Oecologia.  189:9-19. 2019
2017 No silver bullet: different soil handling techniques are useful for different research questions, exhibit differential type I and II error rates, and are sensitive to sampling intensity.New Phytologist.  216:11-14. 2017
2017 Change in soil fungal community structure driven by a decline in ectomycorrhizal fungi following a mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) outbreak.New Phytologist.  213:864-873. 2017
2016 Community-level determinants of smooth brome (Bromus inermis) growth and survival in the aspen parklandPlant Ecology Vegetatio.  217:1395-1413. 2016
2016 Is biotic resistance to invaders dependent upon local environmental conditions or primary productivity? A meta-analysisBasic and Applied Ecology.  17:377-387. 2016
2015 Ectomycorrhizal fungi mediate indirect effects of a bark beetle outbreak on secondary chemistry and establishment of pine seedlings.New Phytologist.  208:904-914. 2015
2015 Influence of bark beetle outbreaks on nutrient cycling in native pine stands in western CanadaPlant and Soil.  390:29-47. 2015
2015 Rapid Increases in forest understory diversity and productivity following a mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) outbreak in pine forests.PLoS ONE.  10:e0124691. 2015
2014 A molecular identification protocol for roots of boreal forest tree species.Applications in Plant Sciences.  2:1400069-1400069. 2014
2014 Decline of ectomycorrhizal fungi following a mountain pine beetle epidemic.Ecology.  95:1096-1103. 2014
2014 Positive effects of non-native grasses on the growth of a native annual in a southern california ecosystem.PLoS ONE.  9:e112437. 2014

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  • D Biology/Biological Sciences, University of Alberta
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  • Gregory Pec