Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title
2007 Predicting crown radius in eastern white pine (Pinus strobus L.) stands in New HampshireNorthern Journal of Applied Forestry.  24:61-64. 2007
2004 Comparing line-intersect, fixed-area, and point relascope sampling for dead and downed coarse woody material in a managed northern hardwood forestCanadian Journal of Forest Research.  34:1766-1775. 2004
2002 A practical modification of horizontal line sampling for snag and cavity tree inventoryCanadian Journal of Forest Research.  32:1217-1224. 2002

Conference Paper

Year Title
2004 Crown radius models for eastern white pineFORESTRY ACROSS BORDERS. 18-18. 2004

Education And Training

  • M.S. NATRSRC: Forestry, University of New Hampshire
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  • Gregory Jordan