UNH Manchester

Funding Organization

Awards Grant

  • Attend Future Technologies Conference
  • Attending Computing Education Conference Workshops on Broadening Participation in Computing
  • Connecting the Dots: Developing a Global GIS Database for the Spatial History of Cinema" (two hour workshop presentation with interactive instruction activities to be delivered at European Network for Cinema and Media Studies conference, Potsdam, Germany,
  • Experimental Biology Meeting 2018
  • Experimental Biology Meeting in San Diego CA
  • Faculty Development Grant EB19 meeting
  • Faculty Development Travel Grant
  • Faculty Support Request for Delivering a Paper at the 2019 ASEE CIEC Conference
  • Gender, Geography and the Institutionalization of Film Exhibition
  • Instructional Technology Award for Development of English Program's Website
  • Mapping Local Histories in Global Contexts: GIS and the Prospects for Cinema History from Below
  • Mapping the Transformation of Early Cinema in New Hampshire: A GIS Deep Map
  • Microbial Genomic Sequencing of Deinococcus radiophilus and Deinococcus radiopugnans
  • Microbial Genomic Sequencing of Lentibacillus salicampi and Lonepinella koalarum
  • Northeast Writing Association (NEWCA) Annual Conference 2019
  • Pancreatic Cancer Cell Research
  • Pancreatic Cancer Cell Research
  • Research Funding
  • Support for Conference Participation in SITE2018 and CCSCNE 2018
  • The Place of Rhetoric in 'New' Film Historiography Twenty Years Later: Is Anything 'New' in the 'New Cinema History'?
  • Women's Business: The Female Film Exhibitor in New Hampshire During the 1910s