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Academic Article

Year Title
1999 Waiting for outcomes: Anchoring a dual agenda for change to cultural assumptionsWomen in Management Review.  14:194-203. 1999
1994 Farmers and researchers: The road to partnershipAgriculture and Human Values.  11:26-37. 1994
1993 Filipino women scientists: a potential recruitment pool for the International Agricultural Research Centers 1993
1992 Making the farmers’ voice countQuarterly Journal of International Agriculture.  No 3. 1992
1991 Institutional considerations in strengthening on-farm client-oriented research in National Agricultural Research Systems: Lessons from a nine-country studyExperimental Agriculture.  27:343-373. 1991
1989 Issues in Institutionalizing On-Farm Client-Oriented Research: A Review of Experiences from Nine National Agricultural Research SystemsQuarterly Journal of International Agriculture.  28. 1989
1986 Farming systems research: clarification of terms and conceptsExperimental Agriculture.  22:87-104. 1986


Year Title
2000 Working with diversity: a focus on global organizations 2000
1995 Women scientists and managers in agricultural research in the Philippines 1995
1990 The technology triangle: linking farmers, technology transfer agents, and agricultural researchers. Summary report of an international workshop held at ISNAR, The Hague, 20-25 November 1989. 1990
1988 Strengthening the Integration of On-Farm Client-Oriented Research and Experiment Station Research in National Agricultural Systems. 1988
1986 Examen du retard dans les applications de la technologie 1986
Working with Diversity: A Framework for Action


Year Title
2004 Creating and sustaining diversity and inclusion in organizations: Strategies and approaches..  245-276. 2004
2003 Making Change: A Framework for Promoting Gender Equity in Organizations.  10-14. 2003
2003 Working with Diversity: A focus on global organizations.  327-342. 2003
1999 Engendering organizational change: A case study of strengthening gender-equity and organizational effectiveness in an international agricultural research institute.  77-128. 1999
1992 Management of key institutional linkages in on-farm client-oriented research.  113-146. 1992
1991 Integrating on-farm research into national agricultural research systems: lessons for research policy, organization and management 1991
1989 Organization and management of research for resource poor farmers.  69-92. 1989
1987 Milpa in Yucatán: a long-fallow maize system and its alternatives in the Maya peasant economy.  95-129. 1987

Conference Paper

Year Title
1995 Investigación en el dise no de políticas en las organizaciones locales del manejo de los recursos naturales], Designing policy research on local organizations in natural resource managementEPTD workshop summary paper. 1995
1989 Issues in institutionalizing on-farm client-oriented research in national agricultural research systemsDevelopments in Procedures for Farming Systems Research. Proceedings of an International Workshop held at Puncak, Bogor, Indonesia. 13-17. 1989
1989 La institucionalización de la investigación en finca orientada hacia el productor: el manejo de los vínculos claves. Reflexiones sobre la experiencia de nueve sistemas nacionales de investigación agrícolaStaff Papers Series-Minnesota Univ.(EUA). 1989
1989 Making the link between agricultural research and technology users: workshop discussion paperWorkshop Making the Link Between Agricultural Research and Technology Users, The Hague (Países Bajos), 19-25 Nov 1989. 1989
1987 ISNAR study on the organization and management of on-farm client oriented research in NARSInternational Workshop on Agricultural Research Management,, The Hague (Países Bajos), 7-11 Set 1987. 1987
1987 Overview of an ISNAR approach to developing guidelines for strengthening the integration of on-farm and on-station researchInternational Workshop on Agricultural Research Management,, The Hague (Países Bajos), 7-11 Set 1987. 1987

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