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  • Dr. Feairheller (“Dr. F”) has worked in the clinical health and wellness field for over 25 years and has a passionate interest in chronic disease management through lifestyle changes. Her work focuses on cardiovascular health, in particular. Dr. Feairheller is a Professional Member of the American Heart Association and a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine. As clinical faculty at UNH, Dr Feairheller works as the Director of the UNH Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention Program. She works to improve the heart health of cardiac patients and community members who have modifiable risk factors through both in person and telehealth remote wellness modules.

    Dr Feairheller also has an active clinical research program. The Hypertension and Endothelial function with Aerobic and Resistance Training (HEART) 'lab' group examines the effects of exercise and diet on heart health, in particular blood pressure. She recently was awarded the Certificate of Research Excellence from the American Heart Association. Dr Feairheller’s current research project funded by the American Heart Association examines how circuit training and a modified Mediterranean diet can improve cardiovascular health in firefighters and civilians. She has national certifications as a firefighter and a rescue technician, and having been a volunteer firefighter herself, she has a vested interest in getting the fire service physically active and healthy.

    Prior to joining UNH, Dr Feairheller spent years working as in integrative physiologist with broad training in translational research focusing on diet and exercise interventions aimed at improving cardiac risk and modulating endothelial function. She gained bench-top research experience in cell culture in both pharmaceutical and university-based research programs. She gained experience in the health industry in pharmaceutical research, development, regulatory support, and quality assurance. She has experience in patient safety working as a project manager and senior scientific medical writer for an evidence-based non-profit patient safety organization conducting patient-centered outcomes research and health technology assessments on interventions for cardiovascular disorders and obesity. She also has experience as a business owner-operator for a health and wellness business conducting diet and exercise interventions, community seminars and private instructions.

    Her motto “~live healthy, live for your heart!”
  • Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title
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  • Electrocardiography Taught course 2020
  • Exercise Laboratory Technique Taught course 2020
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  • Deborah Feairheller