• Dr. Christine Shea is Professor of Technology and Operations Management at the Paul College of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire. Her current research examines how colleague bystander intervention can reduce the negative impact of bias incidents in the academic workplace. She obtained two National Science Foundation ADVANCE grants to conduct this research and is using her findings to create an online intervention guide and decision tool that will be available for use by faculty in 2020. She is former UNH Interim Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Inclusive Excellence and Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Research at Paul College. Prior to earning her PhD from the University of Western Ontario, she worked for ten years and held various project and operations management positions in the aerospace industry. She has published on the topics of leadership and technological innovation in leading management journals including the Journal of Business Venturing, the Journal of Management, Leadership Quarterly, and the Journal of Business.
  • Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title
    2019 Interactive theater: an effective tool to reduce gender bias in faculty searchesEquality, Diversity and Inclusion.  38:178-187. 2019
    2019 UNH UNBIASED: Leadership Development and Policy Change to Promote Institutional TransformationEquity in STEM First Look2019
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    1998 Organizational antecedents to the successful implementation of total quality management: A social cognitive perspectiveJournal of Quality Management.  3:3-24. 1998


    Year Title
    2003 Assessing the organization impact of nanotechnology 2003

    Conference Proceeding

    Year Title
    2016 Bystander Intervention and Bias in the Academic Workplace: Data, Challenges and Strategies 2016
    2014 Demographic composition, faculty departures, and hiring STEM women faculty. 2014
    2011 MOT Programs Accreditation Beneifts and Procedure 2011
    2008 Is Nanotechnology a General Purpose Technology and Why do we need to Know? 2008
    2007 Empirical evidence of nanotechnology as General Purpose Technology 2007
    2005 Champions of Innovation: The Development of Knowledge through Research 2005
    2005 Nanotechnology: Management and Research Challenge and Opportunity 2005
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    Bystander intervention in bias incidents in the academic workplace: Interrupting incivility
    Exploring the Value of Bystander Intervention for Decreasing the Chilly Climate for Women at Work
    Rebooting sexual harassment prevention efforts: Recommendations from 2016 E.E.O.C. Task Force

    Teaching Activities

  • Managing Technologic Innovatn Taught course 2018
  • Business Plan & Program Mgt Taught course 2017
  • Managing Technologic Innovatn Taught course 2017
  • Business Plan & Program Mgt Taught course 2016
  • Managing Technologic Innovatn Taught course 2016
  • Business Plan & Program Mgt Taught course 2015
  • Managing Technologic Innovatn Taught course 2015
  • Education And Training

  • B.A. Business Admin.&Managemt, Wilfrid Laurier University
  • M.B.A. Business Admin.&Managemt, Wilfrid Laurier University
  • Ph.D. Organizational Behavior and Operations Management, University of Western Ontario
  • Full Name

  • Christine Shea