• Barbara J. Jago is Social Science Division Chair and Associate Professor of Communication Arts. After receiving an M.A. in Cinema Studies from New York University, an M.A. in Secondary Science Social Science Education from the University of South Florida, and a Ph.D. in Communication from the University of South Florida, Dr. Jago joined the UNH Manchester faculty in 1998 where she teaches courses and conducts research in relational communication. She teaches a variety of courses in relational communication including Gender, Language and Interaction, Communicating in Families, Theories of Relational Communication, and Narrative. In 2004, she was honored with the UNH-Manchester Teaching Excellence award.

    Her research seeks to understand how we make sense of our selves and our relationships through storytelling, and how we can use that understanding to improve our individual and collective lives. In particular, her work focuses on identity and emotion within the contexts of the family and the academy. She has been published in a variety of academic journals including Qualitative Inquiry, Journal of Loss and Trauma, and Journal of Contemporary Ethnography. Currently, she is working on a manuscript about the role of emotion in learning.

    For more information on Dr. Jago's teaching and research, please visit her website.
  • Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title
    2015 Tracing Mom: An Autoethnographic Short StoryQualitative Inquiry.  21:675-677. 2015
    2015 My sleep fest: an autoethnographic short story.Health Communication.  30:96-99. 2015
    2011 Chasing Laurie: An Autoethnographic Short StoryQualitative Inquiry.  17:780-786. 2011
    2011 Shacking Up: An Autoethnographic Tale of CohabitationQualitative Inquiry.  17:204-219. 2011
    2008 Reconstructing relationships in the classroomStudies in Symbolic Interaction.  30. 2008
    2006 A primary act of imagination - An autoethnography of father-absenceQualitative Inquiry.  12:398-426. 2006
    2005 The car radio: An autoethnographic short storyJournal of Loss and Trauma Crisis Intervention and Time-Limited Treatment Journal of personal and interpersonal loss.  10:1-6. 2005
    2002 Chronicling an academic depressionJournal of Contemporary Ethnography Urban Life.  31:729-757. 2002
    1996 Postcards, Ghosts, and Fathers: Revising Family StoriesQualitative Inquiry.  2:495-516. 1996


    Year Title
    2018 Voting Rights in New Hampshire 2018
    2011 Unequal treatment: Women incarcerated in NH's prison system 2011


    Year Title
    2019 Solid as cracked granite: Living alone at mid-life 2019
    2007 Coming out in the academy 2007

    Teaching Activities

  • Gender Taught course 2019
  • Intro Lang & Soc Interaction Taught course 2019
  • Intro Lang & Soc Interaction Taught course 2019
  • Narrative Taught course 2019
  • Communicating in Families Taught course 2018
  • Intro Lang & Soc Interaction Taught course 2018
  • Intrnshp/Comn Urban Community Taught course 2018
  • Narrative Taught course 2018
  • Gender Taught course 2017
  • Intro Lang & Soc Interaction Taught course 2017
  • Narrative Taught course 2017
  • Exploring Relationships Taught course 2016
  • Intro Lang & Soc Interaction Taught course 2016
  • Intro Lang & Soc Interaction Taught course 2016
  • Narrative Taught course 2016
  • Gender Taught course 2014
  • Sem/Images of Class in Media Taught course 2014
  • Intro Lang & Soc Interaction Taught course 2014
  • Narrative Taught course 2014
  • Education And Training

  • B.A. Anthropology, Smith College
  • M.A. Cinematography&Film/Video Prod, New York University
  • M.A. Social Sciences, University of South Florida
  • Ph.D. Communications, University of South Florida
  • Full Name

  • Barbara Jago