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Year Title
2022 Selection of start codon during mRNA scanning in eukaryotic translation initiation.Commun Biol.  5:587. 2022
2022 Cover Image, Volume 90, Issue 3Proteins: Structure, Function and Genetics.  90. 2022
2022 Structures and interactions of insulin-like peptides from cone snail venom.Proteins: Structure, Function and Genetics.  90:680-690. 2022
2021 Design of Functionalized Lobed Particles for Porous Self-AssembliesJOM.  73:2413-2422. 2021
2021 Concerted Interactions between Multiple gp41 Trimers and the Target Cell Lipidome May Be Required for HIV-1 Entry.Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling.  61:444-454. 2021
2021 Electric Field-Mediated Fibronectin-Hydroxyapatite Interaction: A Molecular Insight.Journal of Physical Chemistry B Journal of Physical Chemistry B Materials.  125:3-16. 2021
Mechanistic Insights into the Effects of Key Mutations on SARS-CoV-2 RBD-ACE2 Binding

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  • Biswajit Gorai, PhD