Academic Article

Year Title
2020 Deglaciation of the Greenland and Laurentide ice sheets interrupted by glacier advance during abrupt coolingsQuaternary Science Reviews.  229:106091-106091. 2020
2020 Maximum Southwest Greenland Ice Sheet Recession in the Early HoloceneGeophysical Research Letters.  47. 2020
2018 Deglaciation of the Pacific coastal corridor directly preceded the human colonization of the Americas.Science advances.  4:eaar5040. 2018
2018 Response of a land-terminating sector of the western Greenland Ice Sheet to early Holocene climate change: Evidence from Be-10 dating in the Sondre Isortoq regionQuaternary Science Reviews.  180:145-156. 2018
2017 The last deglaciation of AlaskaCuadernos de Investigacion Geografica.  43:429-429. 2017

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  • Alia Lesnek