Active Grants for the Family Research Lab department

Grant Name Close Date
A Study of Trauma and Resiliency Among Forensic Examiners Investigating Child Pornography 12/31/2022
C19 Understanding how alcohol use effects adolescent COVID-19 acquisition and disease course overtime 8/31/2022
Course and Prediction of Sexual Perpetration in Adolescence Through Young Adulthood 1/31/2022
Improving Outcomes for Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Victims 12/31/2022
Improving the response to Victims of Child Sexual Exploitation Materials 3/31/2022
National Survey of Internet & Technology Facilitated Child Exploitation 2/29/2024
Trends and New Directions in the Law Enforcement Response to the Sex Trafficking of Minors 12/31/2023
Understanding Bystanders for Self-Directed Violence Prevention: A Prospective National Study Highlighting Marginalized Youth and Young Adults 6/30/2026