Active Grants for the Cooperative Extension (COOP) department

Grant Name Close Date
2018 New Hampshire Forest Stewardship 9/30/2021
2018 Urban and Community Forestry 9/30/2021
2019 New Hampshire Forest Stewardship 9/30/2023
2019 Urban and Community Forestry 9/30/2023
2020 New Hampshire Forest Stewardship 9/30/2024
2020 Urban and Community Forestry 9/30/2024
2020-2021 Pesticide Applicator Training- Integrated Pest Management 9/30/2021
2020-2022 Crop Insurance and Risk Management Education for New Hampshire Farmers 11/30/2021
2021 IPM Program for Fruit and Vegetable Crops on-Farm Monitoring (2021 IPM Fruit Veg) 1/31/2022
4-H Design-Make-Code Afterschool Program and Summer Camp 9/30/2021
Advancement of Composite Lines to Mitigate the Risk of Marine Mammal Entanglement in Kelp Aquaculture Structures 11/12/2023
Advancing Strawberry Production in the Northeast 10/31/2023
Advancing the Development of Seed-Propagated Strawberry Varieties 8/31/2021
Assessing the Contribution of Small Streams to Use and Non-Use Water Quality Values Using Modeling, Stakeholder Participation, and Decision Theory 3/31/2022
Attract-and Kill-for Sustainable Striped Cucumber Beetle Management 2/28/2023
B2S Industry Challenge: Enhancing Economic Opportunity for Isolated Coastal and Island Communities through Resilient Energy-Water Microgrid Systems 9/30/2023
Barry Conservation Camp Memorandum of Understanding 6/30/2021
Benchmarks for Northeast High-Value Agricultural Sectors 8/31/2022
Building A More Effective Food Access Map through Stakeholder and Family Feedback 12/31/2021
Building Farm Financial Management Skills Through Effective Distance Education 11/30/2023
Business and Economic Planning for Seaweed Aquaculture Systems in the United States 11/30/2021
Coastal Communities & Climate Technical Assistance Grant 6/30/2021
Commercial Scale Offshore Aquaculture Demonstration, Training and Permitting to Increase Steelhead Trout and Blue Bussel Production in New England 8/31/2021
Continuous, High Yield Kelp Production 12/4/2022
Cooperative Extension Support for Apple Integrated Pest & Pollinator Management (IPPM) 6/30/2021
Cooperative Extension vaccination education mapping 4/30/2021
Creation of the NH Farm Network for the purpose of building realationships to enhance farmer support 9/30/2021
Cyanobacteria Monitoring Data Exploration Dashboard 1/31/2022
Defining and Overcoming Economic Factors Hindering Adoption of Food Safety Practices by Small NE Farms 7/31/2022
Developing and testing a novel tap design for increasing sugarbush sap yields and sustainability through research, extension, and producer partnerships 9/29/2023
Development of Coastal Adaptation Master Plan Chapter for the Town of North Hampton 6/30/2022
EAGER: Mobilizing Our Coastal Communities: Facilitating Rapid Response Observations 8/31/2021
Ecologically-Based Pest Management Strategies to Improve Quality and Yield of Brassica Crops 11/30/2021
Educational Talent Search 8/31/2021
Expanding a New England Green Crab Pilot Fishery by Providing a Soft-Shell Assay and Identifying Seasonal Aggregations for Harvest 12/31/2023
Extension Wildlife Conservation Program 6/30/2021
Farm Management Technical Assistance and Cohort Professional Development 12/31/2021
Forest Pest Outreach 2020 8/31/2021
GSMFC Phase 2 6/30/2021
Identifying Cold-Hardy Hydrangea Cultivars for Cut Flower Production and Sales in New Hampshire 9/29/2022
Identifying Poor Quality Forest Stands and Demonstrating Rehabilitative Silviculture in NH 9/28/2023
Improving Hatchery Techniques of Lumpfish to Control Sea Lice 12/31/2021
Improving Labor Management Skills on Small and Medium-Sized Farms 3/31/2022
Initial Pesticide Safety Education Through Multi-Branching Scenarios 12/31/2021
Investigation of the Positive Action program 6/30/2021
Landowner Engagement Improves Eastern White Pine Resilience and Value in a Changing Environment 8/31/2022
Learning Objectives for New England Vegetable Pesticide Safety Education 5/31/2021
Leveraging Natural Resources Toward Resilience 6/30/2021
Making Noyce in NH: A Teacher Leaders Program to Improve STEM Learning for all Students 5/31/2025
Multi-Cultivar Grafting: A Novel Low-Cost, Grower-Friendly Attract-and-Kill Approach to Manage Key Ap 8/31/2023
NBRC Forest and Wood Product Workforce Development 1/21/2024
NH 4-H Unplugged Series 6/1/2021
NH Farmers Market Promotion with ORIS 9/29/2021
NH SNAP-Ed Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Program 6/30/2021
NH Sea Grant 2018-2021 Omnibus 1/31/2023
NRCS Agreement Forest Practices and Support 18-21 8/31/2023
New Hampshire American Eel Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences Project 6/30/2023
New Hampshire Building Community Resilience 9/14/2022
New Hampshire Invasives Academy: Developing a Trained Network 8/31/2021
New Hampshire Opioid Prevention Project 8/30/2022
No Markets, No Management 8/31/2022
Northeast 4-H Collaborative: Closing the GAP 12/31/2022
Northeast Region Center Diagnostics Network Facility 7/31/2021
Northeast Region Center Diagnostics Network Facility 8/31/2021
Nurturing the Successful Growth and Maturation of a Domestic Seaweed Aquaculture Industry: Identifying and Removing Barriers and Promoting Opportunities 8/31/2021
Outreach and Education for the Food Safety Modernization Act-Years 3-5 6/30/2021
Perennial Pepperweed Partnership: Working Together to Stop the Spread 12/31/2022
Planning for a Resilient Tomorrow: Development of a Master Plan Chapter for Durham, NH 6/30/2021
Reducing Risk and Improving Resiliency for New England Women Livestock Producers in Sustainable Agriculture 9/30/2021
Robert Morris: An Advocate for Educational Justice in Nineteenth-Century Boston 6/30/2022
Scientific Partnerships & Research to Inspire Next Generation Scientists (SPRINGS) 8/31/2021
Sea Grant Northeast Regional Lobster Extension Program: New Hampshire Sea Grant 7/31/2023
Stone Wall Mapper training and outreach 6/30/2021
Sustainable US Cleanerfish production: developing a lumpfish broodstock program 11/30/2022
Town Forests & Citizen Science: A Tool for Public Engagement & Stewardship Planning 9/30/2022
UNH Sept 2017-Aug 2020 NIFA USDA Pest Management Implementation Program 8/31/2021
UNH Upward Bound 5/31/2022
UNH WCC Project: Supporting Community Change, Growing Extension Capacity 10/31/2021
University of New Hampshire Teacher Residency for Rural Education (UNH-TRRE) 9/30/2021
Volunteer Beach Profiling Program - Years 5 and 6 6/30/2021
Youth Mental Health First Aid 9/29/2022