Active Grants for the Dean's Office - Liberal Arts department

Grant Name Close Date
2019 NH Seat Belt Observation Survey 9/30/2019
Assessment-Evaluation Technical Assistance to Office on Violence Against Women Campus Program 11/30/2019
Bringing in the Bystander: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Adaptation 10/14/2021
Collection Assessment for Preservation 2/28/2020
Evaluation of Dartmouth College's Sexual Violence Prevention Project 9/1/2019
Georgia Campus Sexual Violence Social Norms Campaign 5/30/2019
Miscellaneous Business 6/30/2019
New Hampshire Humanities Collaborative 12/31/2019
SVP Evaluation Plan 6/30/2019
Summer Boot Camps in Public Humanities 7/31/2021
The Cognitive Thalamus: Influence on Prefrontal Cortex and Goal-Directed Behavior 1/31/2020
WISE Self Study and Prevention Education Program Evaluation 12/31/2022