Active Grants for the Molecular, Cellular, & Biomedical department

Grant Name Close Date
Application of Antifreeze Proteins and Mimetic Peptides in Anti-Icing Surface Coating 11/30/2020
Assessing Microbial Safety Issues Associated with Emerging Shellfish Aquaculture Practices to Increase Productivity in the Northeast US 8/31/2021
Bioinformatics "Train the Trainer" (T3): the integration of bioinformatics into an undergraduate biology curriculum 6/30/2022
Center of Integrated Biomedical and Bioengineering Research (CIBBR) Year 4 5/31/2021
Collaborative Research: Dimensions: Evolutionary Ecology of Sponges and Their Microbiomes 9/30/2021
Collaborative Research: Expanding the List of Determinants of Rates of Protein Evolution and Dissecting Their Molecular Bases 7/31/2021
Collaborative Research: RUI: Biogenesis and Evolution of Hagfish Slime and slime glands 7/31/2021
Color Pattern Divergence in a Mimetic Radiation 4/30/2021
EPO Regulated Eythropoiesis 2/28/2021
Epigenetic Barriers to Tropoblast Differentiation from Pluripotent Stem Cells 11/30/2020
Epigenetic Regulation of WM Biology 3/15/2021
Genome-Guided Approaches Toward Serratia Pathogenesis 8/31/2020
Hagfish slime gland evolution 12/1/2021
MRI: Acquisition of a 700 MHz High Field NMR Spectrometer 9/30/2021
NH Sea Grant 2018-2021 Omnibus 1/31/2022
NH-INBRE Bioinformatics and Genomics Core 9/30/2020
Outreach program to Oyster River Schools 2/26/2021
RPA-Directed Repair of DNA Damage in Plants 7/31/2021
Regulation of Ceramide-Based Therapeutics in Acute Myeloid Leukemia 8/31/2020
Seed Grant: Relationship Between Ruminal Microbiome and Methane Emissions 2/28/2021
Targeted Sphingolipid Metabolism for Treatment of AML 8/31/2020
The Structure-Activity Relationship of a Macro-Cycle with Antifreeze Properties 1/31/2022
The behavioral genomics of larval settlement in the economically destructive fouling invertebrate Ectopleura larynx 9/1/2020
Unravelling the Relationship Between the Ruminal Microbiome and Methane Emissions in Dairy Cows Grazing Canola 12/31/2020
cGMP and Photoreceptor Function 12/31/2020